5 Fun Activities To Do In Morton The Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. This holiday is a time of turkey, football, parades, and family. We are happy to give thanks for what we have and are eager to be with our family and friends. But what is there to do after the day is over, or before it even begins? There are plenty of activities to partake in when you live in this city, so let’s take a look at five places to visit in Morton this Thanksgiving.

Safari Bowling Alley

Thanksgiving is a time that revolves being around family. What better way to pass some of that time than with a fun game of bowling? Check out Safari Bowling Alley and knock over a few pins while you and your family are enjoying the holiday. Visitors will enjoy open bowling every day of the week, as well as a snack bar that offers all types of snack foods and drinks. Adults over the age of 21 can enjoy a fine selection of craft beers as they bowl, as well. There are even rumors in the area that the bowling alley is haunted- another reason to check this place out during your Thanksgiving vacation.

The Morton Cinema

Thanksgiving is the time to head off to the movie theater and catch the latest hit movie. The Morton Cinema offers six huge screens showing all of the latest hits. When the weather outside is cold there is nothing better than staying indoors watching the latest flick. Not only will you get a good movie; you won’t break the bank by taking the whole family, as matinees are just $3.99 every day, along with a free small popcorn. For current times, visitors can click here to find out when their movie choice is playing. Bring the family and get out of the cold!

The Morton Roller Rink

Another great place to hang out during the holidays is at the Morton Roller Rink. This roller rink is one of the last of its kind, as most roller skating rinks have long since shut down. Morton’s has been open and operating for 55 years and is still a hot spot for kids and adults of all ages. They are a family-friendly establishment that offers skating, music, fun, and food all year-round. Just be sure to check out their website to make sure they are not hosting a private party before you go. If you are a non-skating parent, rest assured that there is a place for you, too! Morton’s has benches to sit and watch your kids have a blast skating around the rink. When the weather is colder outside, head to the skating rink and let the kids wear themselves out on the rink.

The Peoria Zoo

There is nothing better than taking off to the zoo to take in all of the amazing animals all year long. The Peoria Zoo is just a couple of miles outside the city limits of Morton, and this amazing place is well worth the extra couple of minutes it takes to drive there. Visitors can visit every day except for major holidays. So after spending Thanksgiving Day with family, plan a visit to check out the many different exhibits and presentations the zoo has to offer. From African wildlife to Asian Trail exhibit species to the amphibian section, visitors will find themselves captivated by the hundreds of animals on display. There is truly something for everyone.

Caterpillar Visitors Center

If anyone in your family enjoys heavy machinery, the Caterpillar Visitor Center is the place to visit. Enjoy a birds-eye view of everything Caterpillar in one giant spot. You can begin the tour by taking a virtual ride in a Cat 797F Mining Truck, which is an amazing two-and-a-half story high. Visitors will talk to staff amassed of retired Cat employees about the various heavy equipment and what it does. There is a mock Haul Truck that can be toured, as well as a merchandise store for souvenirs to take home. Whether you live in Morton or are visiting the area for the holidays, there is always something fun and exciting to do. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving and have a chance to enjoy these amazing places!

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