5 Great Tips for a Successful Fundraising Campaign

As anyone who runs a non-profit knows, the key to keeping your organization afloat is through fundraising. Without it, your organization can close in no time. How to successfully fundraise, however, can make many campaigners scratch their heads. It may be easy to throw an event but how do you ensure that you keep adding donors to the pool? How can you ensure that your fundraiser remains fresh and relevant? To help you keep your organization going strong, this article will list out five great tips to ensure that your fundraiser campaign keeps donations flowing into it. 

1. Include Board Members

No doubt you have a key set of people who are your main donors and sit on your board. You should utilize them. They’re just as eager as yourself to make sure that the organization is properly funded each year. You can utilize them by giving them clear instructions on what you expect from them. Perhaps they can invite a certain amount of colleagues to the fundraiser. Or perhaps they can be part of the crew that is making calls to potential donors. Whatever their role may be, you should include your board members into the process. Not only will it further entrench them into the organization but it will also bring some power with big names openly supporting your organization into the picture. 

2. Develop A Goal

People don’t typically donate unless they know the details. Instead of just asking people to donate time or money, you should show them exactly how much you need. If your goal is to raise $50,000, then show your donors your progress. Besides just the amount, however, you need to tell them what the goal is for. Don’t bore them with the boring technicalities of keeping the lights on or paying employees. Instead, focus on how their donations will make an impact based on the service that you provide for the community. 

3. Develop Empathy

Since you’re asking people to give up money that they’ve worked hard for, you need to make them care enough about your organization. Your needs have to outweigh their own. Developing empathy is the best method of achieving this difficult task. For many non-profit organizations, all you may need to do is show the impact that your organization is having. Let’s say your organization raises funds to buy shoes for kids in Africa. You can have your workers take pictures of the children as they unwrap their shoes for the first time. Capture their joy and delight. Then show that to the donors. They want to see what difference their donations are making. If your organization is brand new and you don’t have anything to show yet, then use that to your advantage, too. Show your donors how much your target group is suffering. Using the same example, have a worker take pictures of the children without shoes. Show their calloused and bleeding feet. By sparking that note of empathy, you can make your donors care about the organization and what it is doing in the world. 

4. Transparency

People in today’s world are suspicious. Many of them have been burned in the past due to bad investments or decisions. You have to overcome their suspicion. You can do this by being transparent about your organization. Show them at the fundraiser–and even before the fundraiser–every step of your organization’s process. Deliberately show them where their money goes. It’s important that you are transparent about every cent that is donated to your business. The more open and transparent that your organization is, the more likely donors are to give you money. 

5. Communicate

Finally, if you want to have a successful fundraising campaign, then you need to communicate. Luckily, in today’s world, there are a ton of different ways to communicate with people. Social media can be one of the most powerful. Not only can it reach millions of people but it can also be a great location to forge that empathy that was discussed earlier. Utilize email, phone calls, social media, and even direct mail to bring attention to your organization.

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