5 Hacks for Making Vinyl Signs Yourself

Creating vinyl signs is a lot easier than it looks. All you need are a few supplies, and a firm understanding of how to use them, to get your vinyl signs up and looking fabulous. Pretty soon your entire house or business will be covered in wonderfully decorated vinyl signs. Using the material is simple. It’s also quite easy to get your hands on the material you’ll need. When you put in the proper research, you’ll find that getting these materials at a reasonable price is easy as well.

1- You’ll Need a Personal Computer

Almost every home has a personal computer that can be utilized for making vinyl signs. So, this shouldn’t be something you’ll have to go out and purchase. Make sure you have access to cloud. It’s also important to have an internet and broadband connection. The computer that’s best to utilize will have at least a 2.0 GHz processor. A RAM that can hold 2 GB is also important. The computer should also have 4 GB of open space on its hard-drive.

It’s best to use a Windows PC, but an Apple Mac is also an acceptable option. If you are determined to use an Apple Mac, you can use their Adobe illustrator to make your signs. However, this option limits you in the type of vinyl cutters you can use. As you will have to use Mac compatible plug-ins.

2- Getting a Vinyl Cutter

A common mistake new sign makers make is thinking that speed, power and low-price are the most important factors a vinyl cutter needs to have. In reality, the features a vinyl cutter comes with are more important. You need to ask yourself if the cutter you are interested in buying comes with tech support, tracking, and the ability to contour. If you are looking to up your game against the competition even further, it’s a wise idea to make sure that your vinyl cutter comes with tangential emulation. This allows for the cutting of intricate graphics.

3- Picking Out Your Sign Making Software

While picking out the right cutter is important, making sure you find a good vinyl cutting software is equally as so. This is mainly due to the difference of good vs. bad graphics being in the design software vs. the cutter. If you are interested in trying out different software, a lot of companies come with free trails. If you want to continue using their software, you need to provide them with a credit card number that they can charge every month. Do not go for free software.

4- You’ll Need Transfer Tape

Some wonder how they’ll get the vinyl sign from the release liner. This can be easily accomplished with some transfer tape. As the name implies, transfer tape is used to move the vinyl design from its original dwelling to its intended substrate. All that needs to be done is to place the transfer tape over the design and press down, not too forcefully, with a squeegee. Be sure to choose the right tape. It should stay flat once pressed down. This looks more professional.

5- Picking Out Your Substrate

Good substrates are easy to find. You have a choice between rigid and flexible. When going for a rigid substrate, you’ll want material like aluminum, license plates, or corrugated plastic. Flexible substrates come in the form of banner signs and awnings. These flexible substrates should be already hemmed before purchase.

Now You Have a Sign

This list of hacks should be enough information to produce a classic, vinyl sign. As you create them, you’ll become better at it which will lead to even more intricate and beautiful signs.

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