5 Immediate Steps To Take Following A Bike Accident

Motorcycle accidents claim the lives of thousands of motorists in the US. In the year 2017, statistics show that over 5,000 persons were killed in motorcycle-related accidents, a figure that slightly increased in 2018. It is quite common, therefore, that you find yourself involved in one way or another in a non-fatal motorcycle accident. In such an incident, knowing the steps to take is critical in helping resolve the crisis within the shortest reasonable time possible. Here are 5 important steps to take following a bike accident.

Assess for injuries and stay on the scene

The first step to take involves assessing yourself for bodily injuries. Common injuries following a motorcycle accident are normally as a result of the excessive inertia that may disclose you from the motorcycle onto the tarmac. In the assessment, you should focus on establishing injuries relating to broken bones, bruised skin, and bleeding.

After self-assessment, you should also assess the other party involved in the accident to determine if they have been seriously injured too. Depending on the outcome of your assessment, you may seek to find immediate medical help before taking any other step. If the injuries suffered by all parties are not that serious, then you should endeavor to stay on the scene of the accident as you wait for further help from traffic police officers and medical personnel.

Collect information

You should also endeavor to collect vital information as relates to all parties involved in the accident. When collecting such information, emphasis should be put on both parties’ details relating to the name, phone number, date of birth, drivers’ license details, and insurance service provider’s policy number. You should also collect the registration number of the vehicle or automobile that you are involved in an accident with. This helps in cases where the other party flees from the accident scene as the police would use the information to track them down.

Take images of the accident scene and call in police

The next step involves immediate assessment of the accident scene as relates to any damages suffered by the motorcycle and the other automobile involved in the accident. In the assessment, you should focus on establishing any broken parts. You may need to preserve the scene by taking photographs that show the orientation of the accident. Preservation of such evidence is critical especially when the police arrive and wish to determine who was on the wrong. It helps in situations where the accident scene is cleared before the police arrive.

If the police will not have arrived by then, you should endeavor to call them immediately. Contacting the nearest police department or station would be the most preferred option as you would be sure that they will arrive in the shortest time possible. You can also contact them by calling 911 and describing your location.

Contact insurance agency

You should also contact your insurance agency and inform them immediately of the accident. Informing them helps initiate the process of filing of insurance claims for yourself and the other party involved depending on who would be found at fault. When contacting the agency, however, it is important to not assume responsibility for the accident until the police have released an official abstract.

Contact a personal injury or accident attorney

The next immediate step involves seeking help from a qualified personal injury or accident attorney. If you have been injured or your motorcycle has suffered slight damages, it is quite common that insurance agencies may fail to compensate you as required by law and your contract. Contacting the services of the attorney would help compel the uncooperative parties in the compensation process to ensure you are duly compensated.

Sometimes, court cases may arise where the other person’s insurance company fails to compensate you if the police abstract show that they were at fault in the accident. Compelling the insurance company to disseminate compensation may sometimes take unnecessarily long. It may also lead to partial insurance payments, something that may only be avoided if you are represented by a qualified accident attorney who would argue out your point in court.

In conclusion, being involved in a motorcycle accident can be quite frightening. Keeping calm and processing the accident scene responsibly helps resolve the issues amicably. Besides, involving the right persons such as the insurance agencies, the police, and legal attorneys helps ensure that justice is appropriately served within the shortest time possible.

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