5 Simple Fixes For Home Appliances

The convenience of home appliances cannot be overstated. The dishwasher cleans the dishes as you fold clothes dried with the laundry dryer. Everyday chores would take several hours to complete otherwise. These home appliances, however, can’t operate every day of the year without some maintenance. If you have an appliance that’s giving you trouble, try these simple fixes to bring it back to life. It’s often the easiest fixes that free you from an expensive repair bill. 

1. Cleaning the Filter 

There’s a filter on nearly every appliance, from dryers to dishwashers. CNET suggests cleaning the filter if you have any unusual problems. Every filter is designed to capture particles, including dust and food. If the filter becomes clogged, the entire appliance cannot operate as it’s designed. 

Depending on the appliance’s popularity around the household, inspect the filter several times a year. Clean or replace it as the manufacturer’s instructions describe. In many cases, the appliance will work like brand new once again. Because the filter’s dirt level is progressive, you may not realize the appliance has a problem until the clog is absolute. Keep a household schedule so that the filter doesn’t go unnoticed for too long. 

2. Trying the Reset Button 

A simple fix that often eludes residents is resetting the appliance. Many appliances have a reset button, such as the garbage disposal. They can be difficult to find, so pull out the manufacturer’s instructions. A surge may have triggered the appliance to shut off, for example. The button tells the appliance that it’s acceptable to start again. 

If the button trips almost immediately after resetting it, there’s an issue that must be solved. Frozen parts, broken components and other issues may be occurring within the appliance. Fix these problems so that the reset button can work normally once again. 

3. Inspecting the Power Supply 

How Stuff Works advises residents to check an appliance’s power supply when the units don’t work at all or have intermittent issues. The power supply might be gas or electricity. Consider the supply’s origination point. Verify that it’s in good operation. If there’s an obvious issue, contacting the professionals to fix it is the safest option. 

In most cases, a power supply issue stems from a worn wire. Replace the power cord, and test the appliance. Inspect the old wire for strains or other damage. Try to arrange the cord in a relaxed manner so that it doesn’t succumb to damage again. 

4. Looking at Fuses and Breakers 

Every appliance has a safeguard in the form of fuses. These cylindrical components break a circuit’s path if the system senses too much power or another anomaly. The appliance typically shuts off and won’t reactivate without a new fuse. 

Look at the appliance’s instructions for any fuses in the system. They may or may not be replaceable types. If there are no fuses in play, look to the home’s circuit breaker box. The appliance may have tripped a breaker, which shuts off an entire area of the home from electrical power. Resetting the breaker is the simple fix. Be aware, however, that chronic trips at the breaker box indicate an ongoing problem that must be fixed. 

5. Wiping Away Dust 

You may wipe away dust from your furniture and figurines. This task is a weekly or monthly chore. However, many people overlook the importance of dusting your home appliances. Pull the refrigerator out from the wall, and wipe away the dust accumulating on the exterior coils. It might run better with fewer sounds emanating from its motor. 

Look at your HVAC system on the interior side. Vacuum away any dust on the components that are easy to reach. A professional may need to clean any hard-to-reach areas, however. Try dusting your hot-water heater too. All of these cleaning tasks give you a chance to inspect the appliances. If the hot-water heater has any moisture around it, be sure to deal with this fact before a major breakdown occurs. 

Don’t be surprised if you must contact a professional at some point for your appliances. Major appliances will need some repairs at times. Your simple fixes will keep most repairs at bay as the appliance continues to serve your household without fail.

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