5 Times When You Will Be Grateful for a Handicap Accessible Van

Not many able-bodied people are aware of how mobility issues affect many people with a variety of disabilities. It’s a difficult lesson to learn for the person who experiences disabilities when they had none before, and those who are accustomed to their disabilities still find transportation in particular to be an ongoing struggle. Anyone might have a need for a handicap-accessible van at some point in their lives. Here are five of those reasons for everyone to think about. We really don’t know what life holds for us in the future. Being able to provide solutions for these kinds of problems meets significant needs in our neighbors, family, friends, and for ourselves. 

Disabled Family Member

You may not be disabled, but you may have a disabled child or an aging parent you are responsible for. Children grow even under the harshest circumstances and their wheelchairs and other devices often need upgrading to accommodate their changing needs. It helps if they have regular access to transportation that meets their needs as well. 
If you are the caregiver of an aging parent then you are already aware of their changing needs as well. They have medical appointments and prescriptions to keep track of. They generally appreciate the times when they feel physically comfortable and have opportunities to travel safely and comfortably. 

Bring a Friend or Family Member Home From the Hospital

A temporary disability could strike anyone at any time. Whether recovering from surgery or following an accident, many people need temporary access to transportation just to get home from the hospital. They may need handicap-accessible transportation for a few days or weeks. Having that access can make a difference in their ability to get around and to maintain their routine. 

Evacuation During Emergencies

Recent events around the nation have demonstrated the vulnerability of humans in the face of serious natural disasters. We are not a civilization if we do not assist the most vulnerable among us. Those who can not evacuate on their own need first responders to help. Consider what those responders could be doing to fight wildfires or rescue people trapped by flooding if someone with a handicap-accessible van took the initiative to help handicapped neighbors get to safety. 
Even if you have no disabilities, it might be a deeply appreciated gesture if you asked your disabled friends to teach you how to drive their vehicle. Many ordinary vehicles can also be quickly adapted to meet some of the needs of many disabled people in case of emergency. 

Calling a Cab

Chicago has been offering Uber rides for disabled customers recently and plans to expand the service. This makes transportation for handicapped residents open up into a whole new field of opportunity. Imagine a wheelchair-bound city resident having the option of calling a cab just like anyone else! It’s become a standard feature offered in some cities. 

For Your Own Independence and Mobility

Finally, your own needs for transportation are paramount. Many disabled people are still trapped at home too much of the time. Social interaction, job security, medical care, shopping, and simple recreation that many of us take for granted can become huge issues for others. The obstacles can often be overcome with one investment: a handicap accessible vehicle that can provide the transportation they need. 

Transportation for any of us takes planning and investing. The situation becomes further complicated by the varied and complex needs of people with disabilities. These can be overcome. Better technology and increasing access to a variety of solutions have opened up the community for people who might have been consigned to isolation otherwise. Any of us can become more aware of the issues faced by our family, friends, or neighbors. We may become part of the solution for them. 

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