5 Tips To Creating A Unique Promo Video

Promotion and marketing is a huge part of success for business, whether you work for yourself or a team. And a unique promo video is a powerful way to get better results than other typical projects. But you need the right strategies. Here are 5 tips to creating the best promo video you can in a fun and creative way. That way, you get more eyeballs, shares, and sales as a result.

Powerful Headline that Expresses Emotion

People don’t get moved by logic and facts. If you focus too much on these details it could bog down your video, even if you are dealing with a deep topic. Therefore, it is important to keep emotion at the forefront of your video. It’s simply how people respond to content, especially in the digital age if you want to get and keep their attention.

In order to make a quality and unique promo video, you want to forecast emotion in your headline. Great formulas like “This happened, but you won’t believe what happened next” or “He cried when he saw this” create suspense. They are projecting an emotion into the future in a way that makes people want to click on the video in the first place. After all, if they don’t do this then they won’t see the amazing content that you put so much work into.

Jarring Thumbnail

You don’t need to use gross or outlandish images to get attention when you choose your thumbnail. However, whatever screenshot you use, it needs to be compelling and interesting in and of itself. Choose an impactful part of the video. Hopefully, it will show someone of interest or using colors that draw the eye inwards. This is what you need to do if you hope to earn the attention of today’s busy internet users who are always looking for the next best thing.

Three Part Story Telling

There must be something special about a story formula that has stood the test of time. From the old days of tribes living in caves, there has always been a style of storytelling that captivates people and makes them want to listen and watch more.

Develop the art of telling your story in your video in three parts. The beginning should have your main hero in a challenging situation. Then, they embark on a journey and overcome obstacles. Finally, they are triumphant and then they get what they were after. This style works particularly well if your product solves a major pain point for your audience.


If your video is too monotone, then you could lose people halfway through. For instance, if you only have one color, or one tone of voice, or one kind of action happening, it can bore your viewers. Mix things up and use juxtaposition.

You can do this in a number of ways. For instance, if the video starts off slow, cut to fast-paced montages. Or if you use dull, neutral colors, then switch to something bright and vibrant. This creates interest, and it is not any harder to do on your part. It just takes some planning.

Call to Action

Every great promo video will have a call to action. It could be to share the video. It might be to hire you or to visit a website, or even to buy a product. No matter what, give your audience some way to act on the content they have just witnessed.

When it comes to video, it is the most powerful medium out there today. But you need the right tools and tactics if you want your video to stand out. After all, people are too distracted by all the social media and other distractions today. So don’t just make an average video that is a waste of time. Use your skills to make a promo video that will stand the test of time and help you reach your goals faster in your marketing plan.

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