5 Ways to Use a Company Logo as a Marketing Tool

Any business owner that wants his or her venture to achieve success has to maintain relevance and creativity. Marketing is a critical component of the accomplishment of fruitful gains towards business proceeds. Company logos have over time been used to carry the branding of the company and to establish an identity. The traditional way of branding usually involved putting logos on buildings and business cards. However, with changing economic times, a company logo can be much more. The following are some innovative ways that you can use your logo for fruitful marketing campaigns. 

1. Aggressive Branding of Merchandise Related to your Business 

Logos have been in existence since human begins discovered how to write. If you want your logo to be effective, the key concept is to always maintain simplicity in the design. A simple logo is more accessible to brand on key chains, pens, and different electronic gadgets. All these depend on the profession you choose to engage in business. A pen would be suitable for a stationery business. Whereas a key chain would be an excellent way to brand car keys from your dealership. All these simple tactics will gain you marketing mileage by keeping the eyes of your consumers focused on the different products you are offering through a prominent company logo displayed on ordinary day-to-day appliances.

2. Ensure all your Products are Trademarked with your Logo 

A beautiful logo is effortlessly displayed on each of the products your company produces. If you own a party planning company offering all the outside catering services, ensure all the products in use belonging to your company are branded with your logo and displayed clearly on the main pieces. You can also introduce a photo booth at the functions to allow the consumers to take a picture at the party with your trademark goods and services. Another place that you should your logo is official documents. Whether you are sending out a contract or an invoice to a client, make sure that the paper has your logo on it.

3. Partner with a Sports or Entertainment Franchise 

Another creative way to use your logo for marketing is through partnering with local and international entertainment or sports franchises. You get to strike engagements on branding their uniforms or jerseys. This creates an opportunity to imprint your logo on their attire which will be visible to followers of the franchise. The fans of the sports team or entertainment shall be keen to know more about the logo once they see it on the shirt of a performer or player. As a result, you will gain additional potential clients for your company’s goods and services. 

4. Sponsor Different Events 

It’s advisable to run community outreach programs to gain a sense of giving back to the community. Through some of the selfless acts such as sponsoring a local workshop for the benefit of the people, you get the opportunity to push your branding a notch higher. If it’s a seminar, make sure that most of items that will be used by the guests have appropriate labeling of your logo. If it’s a charity walk or run, you get to put banners and posters with your logo on it.

5. Launch the Logo to Third-party Vendors 

Suppliers of your product can be approached to display your logo on their premises for a suitable fee. Through branding your logo on cabs, buses, and delivery vehicles, you can increase your market presence and visibility. These will ensure the company brand is launched to a variety of consumers using the services of third-party vendors.

You can use the above ways to get creative with your logo marketing. The more platforms you use, the better. Therefore, don’t stop with events, you can go a step further and see if you can use brand’s logo on different street signs. Talk to the authorities about this idea to see if it’s possible before you pitch it to the marketing team.

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