6 Facts to Check When Deciding on a Car Transport Service

Choosing a car transport service can be a complicated process if you don’t know what to do. Whether you want to purchase a car online, or you are planning on moving from one state to another, you must make sure the company you are hiring to transport your vehicle has what it takes to do so. Here are six facts you must consider before you make your decision.

1- Registration and Licensure

Any company that wants to offer car transport services must have a license issued by relevant authorities. And in order to get a license, the company must meet certain requirements put in place be these authorities. For instance, the company must prove that they have the right equipment to transport cars and that their staff is well trained and highly skilled to offer quality services. The people constituting the company must also not have any past criminal cases or disciplinary records from regulatory bodies. This means that when you choose a licensed car transport company, you are choosing safety, responsibility, expertise and experience. In addition to licensure the company must be registered with the Department of Transport and have a DOT number.

2- Services Offered

Some people regret hiring a particular car transport company just because they did not take their time to look into the services the company offers. Not all transport companies offer the same services. If you want to move from one state to another, check to see if the company offers interstate services. If you plan to transport your car from abroad, look for a company that offers international shipping services. Also, some companies may have restrictions on the type and size of vehicles they can transport. You may also need to check whether they offer open or enclosed car transportation services. This is especially important if you plan to move your car over a long distance.

3- The Cost of the Transportation Services

You need to be careful here. While you want a company that offers the cheapest rates, they might not provide you with the service you expect. When considering costs, get quotes from at least five companies operating within your area and compare them. Check how the prices vary and by what margin. Do not go for a company whose price differs from the rest by a larger margin. The best way to choose is to get an average of all the prices. Once you get the average, compare the individual prices against it. Choose a price that is closer to the average.

4- Insurance

Moving a car is not a simple process. Accidents and damages can occur during the transit. You want to make sure the company you choose has enough insurance coverage to take care of any damages that might occur. Otherwise, you will be solely held responsible for all the damages. Let the company’s representative show you proof of insurance coverage. Check the coverage to make sure it fully covers the car to be transported. If you feel it is not enough, ask the company to improve it. If they refuse, move on to another company.

5- The Payment Arrangements

There are a variety of payment arrangement you can explore. But first, ask the transport service company about what payment arrangements they accept. Some companies may require you to pay the full amount before they ship your car while others may require a deposit. Also, ask the company to tell you what payment methods they use. These could include credit cards, direct transfer from a bank account, checks, cash, PayPal or any other method the company might propose.

6- Safety

Though a company might have enough insurance, you still want your car to reach its destination without any problem. After all, the process of repairing the car and seeking compensation from the insurance company might take long and inconvenience you. So make sure the company can guarantee the safety of your car during transit and offloading. Ask to see what equipment they use and what mechanism they have in place to ensure your car is not stolen. In most cases, the company will carry out a general assessment of your car before they pick it up so that both of you can agree on its original state before it leaves. Once it is delivered, you will go through the same process to see if there has been any damage.

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