6 Fun Ways To Create A Wonderful Backyard Oasis

All areas of your home should be thought about carefully. This includes the interior spaces. It also includes all your exterior spaces such as the side of the home and backyard. You want all these areas to say something special and serve as an oasis from the world. You want backyard spaces that invite relaxation and call people to sit down with ease. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to make your yard into a delightful paradise where you can do everywhere from eating breakfast early in the morning to taking a long Sunday afternoon nap.

Lush Seating

One of the first things you’ll want to do is create a seating area. Think about offering varied types of seating. A bar needs high stools where you can perch and watch the action. Think about putting in a recessed area with built-in seating where people can gather for quiet conversation while holding a drink. A large lounge chair or series of such chairs in one corner offers places to stretch out and sunbathe all year long.

Beautiful Bushes

Another way to capture the day and turn your backyard into a sea of calming green is putting lots of thick bushes around one section of the backyard. Bushes add a sense of escape and bring the natural world right to your fingertips. They’re also easy to care for no matter the weather. Look for varied sizes. Smaller bushes that are low to the ground are ideal for use as a way to delineate spaces in the yard. Larger, taller bushes add plenty of space to escape from the heat and humidity. You’ll find plenty of options that let you create your own unique look and keep it private as well.

A Sandbox

Make the outdoors a fun place for kids of all ages with a sandbox. Create your own using wood around the house. Paint it an attractive design and put in under your back porch. Sand boxes are also easy to buy. You can find many that are part of a larger swing set and play area. Kids can spend hours digging and making things. Adults can join in and help improve their motor skills. Keep a set of varied kinds of shovels and pails in a corner. You’ll have a day at the beach even when it’s cold outside.

Attracting Birds

Watching the natural world from your own backyard is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Many homeowners look for ways to attract birds. Birds pollinate flowers, remove pests and add a sense of wonderful movement to your yard. Attract birds with the help of many kinds of birdfeeders. You can find birdfeeders designed to bring in certain types of birds such hummingbirds. You can also find birdfeeders that serve a wide population of birds. Place them in a few corners across the yard. They’re also ideal as a way to bring metal, color and texture and draw the eye upwards.

Backyard Snacks

When you’re outside and you have the munchies, you want something to eat right now. You don’t want to have to run back home. Your backyard oasis should contain lots of places to enjoy a cold drink and a nice snack. An outdoor fridge is easy to power and will keep you in delightfully chilled margaritas no matter the weather. Set aside specific storage space in one area for access to quick snacks like dried fruit and nuts. Durable tables made of materials like rattan that can be washed quickly are ideal. They make it easy to set down a plate of food anywhere in the yard.

The Right Lighting

Lighting makes it possible to use the backyard even after the sun goes down. You’ll want to install lighting options across all areas including structures such the pool or a gazebo. Place strings of fairy lights across the entrance to the yard for a charming bit of magic that will enthrall your guests and delight small children. Place candles across the table for an evening meal. Use tiki torches and solar powered lights along the edge of the paths to provide a tropical and casual theme.

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