6 Questions to Ask When Selecting an Auto Transport Company

Asking a few questions to help you choose the best auto transport company to handle your service request is an easy solution to many headaches and hassles experienced by those trekking the miles to a new location. Despite the plethora of transportation companies out there, narrowing the selection and finding a worthwhile company is far from difficult when you have answers. When preparing a list of questions to ask when hiring a transportation company, be sure the six below are included. 

Question One: What Type of Experience do You Have? 

well-experienced auto transport company can safely move your vehicle across the miles. They bring the techniques and expertise to the job where other companies may not. There is an added assurance in the vehicle move when you select an experienced company who’s moved many cars in their time. Before you hire, ask the company to describe their level of experience before your decision is made. 

Question Two: Is My Car Insured During the Move? 

When requesting quotes from auto transport companies, inquire about the insurance coverage offered for your vehicle during the move. Although all companies carry insurance that protects the vehicle in the event of an accident or other damages, the coverage varies widely from one company to the next. Only when you inquire will you know that your vehicle is fully protected during the move. 

Question Three: How Will You Move My Vehicle? 

Auto transport companies offer several techniques to move the vehicle from one location to another. These options vary widely from one company to the next. The type of transportation technique you select affects the costs, the safety, and peace of mind associated with your move. Learn more about all of the options and choose wisely. 

Question Four: When Will My Vehicle Arrive at the Intended Destination? 

The length of time that it will take the transportation company to transport your vehicle varies considerably, with many factors impacting those rates. This includes the time of the year, the distance of the move, and the company chosen. It is important to know when to anticipate the arrival of your vehicle. Inquire ahead of time to learn this important information. 

Question Five: Are You Registered to Transport? 

Any company moving a vehicle across state lines must be licensed as an interstate moving company. As such, registration with Department of Transportation is necessary. Any company that lacks this registration/license is operating illegally. As such, avoid working with this company at all costs. Ask for the company’s DOT number (if it is otherwise unavailable) to verify their compliance with the DOT requirements. 

Question Six: Do You Have References? 

A worthwhile auto transport company will not hesitate to provide three to four references upon request. Ask for the references and be sure to send a quick email, text, or make a call to the references to get an honest opinion of services from people who’ve worked with the company in the past. Additionally, online reviews provide an abundance of information and word-of-mouth is always an excellent tool when you need to find a great company to relocate your vehicle. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing a great auto transport company is much easier when you’re an informed consumer. The best way to get accurate, complete information that enables you to make the best hiring decision is to ask questions. Include the six questions above on the list of questions that you will ask when hiring an auto transport company. Although you might want answers to many other questions, the six above are some of the most important to your hiring decision. Don’t settle for less when it is so easy to find the very best.

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