6 Tips For Getting Along With Your Co-Workers

It can seem really hard to get along with certain coworkers. It seems like some people go out of their way to be nasty, but if you follow some rules, you’ll be better equipped at dealing with them. Consider these six tips to make your workdays a whole lot easier.

1. Don’t Hold Anyone Up

One of the quickest ways to upset your coworkers is to create a problem for their workflow. If anyone needs something from you to do what they need to do, don’t make them wait around all day for it. However, you can’t drop everything either when someone surprises you, so give your coworkers notice ahead of time. Let them know when you can assist them with what they need, and stick with your word. That’ll let your coworkers know they can depend on you.

2. Be Friendly

You don’t want to be the one person in the office that no one can approach. Smile, be complimentary, and make small talk. Encourage your coworkers, and tell them “good job” when they do something awesome. Don’t be afraid if your coworkers react oddly when you cheer them on at first. After seeing that you’re genuine, they’ll know that you’re a friendly person.

3. Don’t Gossip

Gossip is bad in and of itself¬†because it is meant to kill a person’s character. Listening to gossip and dishing it out will cause you to have some enemies. Smile politely at your coworkers, and quickly dismiss yourself for an important project if you start to hear about gossip. Take note that if others hear gossip from you, they’ll know that you’ll be talking about them soon too. Just know that alliances change quickly. The person you were talking to about so-and-so just might tell them what you said.

4. Do Your Work

Whether or not your work has to do with anyone else, you need to do your work. Indirectly, your work affects the company’s success, so others will view your slack as something that compromises their job security. Needless to say, you will create many enemies, and they’ll start gossiping about you. Apart from upsetting coworkers, you want to do you best at work anyway. People will see you as a true team player, as outdated as that word is.

5. Remain Professional

At all costs,¬†remain professional. Keep personal information to yourself, but be friendly too. This means that if others are unprofessional with you, maintain discipline. If you feel like you’re getting too heated, walk away. Try to calmly discuss things with coworkers to achieve a resolution, but you shouldn’t take abuse either. Remove yourself from anyone who continues to treat you badly. If nothing can be resolved and it affects a project, you might need to involve a third party.

6. Don’t Take It Personal

The truth of the matter is that you can be the nicest person in the world and still have people talk about you and be unpleasant. This is because a lot of people are unhealthy. They’re afraid, they have pain, and there are a number of reasons people can unfairly judge you. That said, it’s not a reason to be impolite back to them. You’re still responsible for your own behavior. Just understand that you’re not going to please everyone. You will come across some unreasonable coworkers. If you’re being nice to them, you should know that it’s not you. It’s them. Shake off that dust, and go on with work.

Take your work and its atmosphere in stride. You will work with beautiful people and not so beautiful people. Try to find the good in everyone, and don’t make a huge deal about the bad. Rest assured that mean coworkers won’t last for long.

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