6 Truths to Know About Having a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Are you considering having a photo booth at your wedding? They are attractive, engaging, exciting and are sure to be popular with friends and family. If you do choose to rent one, you definitely will not regret it, but you might regret not considering the following truths:

1. A Lot Of People Will Want To Dress Up.

If you have ever been to a wedding with a photo booth, you will know that the most memorable ones have costumes. Many rental companies provide costumes, so be sure to ask the company beforehand if they provide this extra service. If they do not, you can raid your local dollar store or thrift shop for goofy looking gear that your guests will have a blast with! Items like police caps, puffy scarves, Viking helmets, fake beards, cowboy hats and ridiculous sunglasses are sure to be hot items.

2. There Is Going To Be A Huge Line Up.

Most people will pass right by a photo booth if they have to pay for it, but tell them it’s free and there will be a line out the door! Keep in mind that everybody from the photographer to the D.J. to the in-laws will be competing for your time and attention. If you want to escape for a minute to snap some silly pictures with your spouse, make sure everybody understands that you get to cut in line at your leisure!

3. Photo Booth Technology Has Advanced Light Years.

Everybody loves the instant gratification of the classic black and white printout, but did you know that is only one way for guests to bring fond memories home with them? Some photo booths are becoming more high tech, while still offering the traditional printouts that people adore. Find out if your vendor provides booths that can text or email digital copies of photos straight to your guests!

4. More Options Equal More Fun.

Modern photo booths often come with lots of neat new options. Guests will love choosing their own backgrounds. Don’t be surprised to find some standing on a sandy beach or others having a blast in the city. In addition to backgrounds, you will be able to add borders, virtual props and artistic digital effects. Think pictures are boring? Many have the ability to record short video clips as well. With all these choices, the sky is the limit!

5. Pictures Will Be On Social Media Before You Reach The Getaway Car.

Did you know that newer booths are linked to social media sites? After your photoshoot, you will have the option to upload your pictures straight to your favorite site. This can be a fun way to share the most memorable night of your life with distant loved ones who couldn’t attend. If you’d rather keep your special event low key, you can always talk to the vendor about more low-tech options.

6. Loved Ones Will Go Home With Lasting Memories.

There are a lot of things that make weddings memorable, such as exchanging your vows, cutting the wedding cake, dancing the night away. Although it might seem trivial, a photo booth is fun and memorable. It will immerse guests in the wedding experience and send them home with pictures that will always remind them of your special day.

Wedding planning is stressful, but fun activities like photo booths can make the big day a little more enjoyable for everyone. When you rent one, make sure the vendor sends an attendant with it just in case there are any technical problems. This will allow you to take your mind off of any complications so that you can focus on enjoying the best day of your life!

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