6 Ways to Create an Outdoor Living Space

It doesn’t take much to turn your deck, patio, or yard into a beautiful place to enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book, or share with guests. When set up right, an outdoor living space will quickly become your favorite spot. Whether you crave alone time, or need a place to party, an outdoor space is something you need to set up, right now.

Here are six ideas to get you started on your outdoor space.

Create a Shady Place

If your backyard already has a patio roof, you’re ahead of the game. If not, you’ll want to add a nice, big, colorful patio umbrella. The right umbrella can really create a mood, whether that’s peaceful, cheerful, or inspired. Likewise, you can install an awning, or set up an outdoor space under a shade tree. In fact, setting up your outdoor space under a large shade tree can create an outdoor living space that’s truly relaxing and in tune with nature.

Pick the Right Outdoor Furniture

There are many choices for outdoor furniture these days; everything from sleek, modern aluminum to warm and friendly redwood can be used to make your outdoor space relaxing and comfortable. Choose your furniture carefully, as it will set the overall tone for your living space outdoors. Consider the activities you’ll be using your space for; from family BBQs, to reading a book and sunbathing, you’ll want versatile pieces that suit both your tastes and your lifestyle.

Add Splashes of Color

You can coordinate your colors with your patio umbrella or awning, for a put-together look. From colorful cushions, for your outdoor furniture to pretty flowers, bright spots of color will create an inviting outdoor living space. Flowers can be planted in beds, or in pots and baskets, to be placed wherever you need a splash of cheerful color. You can also put up outdoor curtains or screens to give your space more flair, as well as create more privacy.

Create a Mood with Lighting

Not only will lighting create a mood, but it will also make your outdoor space safer at night. You can use solar path lights, pole lighting, or simply use strings of globe lights. Choose your style of lighting fixtures to coordinate with your theme or mood. Solar-powered LED lights are both economical and carefree; they won’t impact your electric bill, and they will last a long time. One advantage of string light is they can be easily rearranged to suit your needs and whims. For example, string lights can be wrapped around trees and poles, as well as stretched across the space to put light where you need it.

Fire Up the Place

Installing an outdoor fire pit can really create a warm, inviting place to share with family and friends in the evening. Likewise, a fire pit can play center stage during a backyard BBQ, or during a camp out for the kids. You can also add character and warmth with an outdoor fireplace; this is especially nice if you like to read and relax outdoors. Finally, you can create your fire pit or outdoor fireplace in any style you choose, from sleek and modern to vintage and nostalgic.

Create a Water Feature

Water fountains and fish ponds come in every shape and size, so you’re sure to find one that fits your space and suits your style. From traditional Japanese koi ponds to steel and glass fountains, the options for a water feature are infinite. Best of all, the peaceful sound of rippling water will add a natural sound to your space that can help cancel out the noise of the neighborhood.

An outdoor living space can be your secret refuge, or the staging area for fabulous, outdoor parties. You can design it strictly for yourself, or with your family and friends in mind. Your options are endless, and the mood and style will reflect your personality, activities and personal tastes.

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