7 Easy Ways to Update Your Home’s Look Using Tiles

Tile is one of those things that goes a long way in a home, but it can still look dated if you’re not using it correctly. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when installing tile is choosing the wrong kind. It might seem like a great idea to install white tile throughout the house to go along with your light, bright, white look, but it’s dated. It’s time to see what kind of tile looks you can go for that look modern, updated, and like anything but a home straight out of the 1980s.

1- Create A Wood Look

Wood tile is all the rage right now, and for good reason. Real hardwood is not very durable, and it scratches easily. If you have kids or any furniture at all, you’re going to nick, scratch, dent, and otherwise damage your hardwood regularly. You could go with a faux wood look with laminate floors, but they’re not as upscale as you might like. That’s where wood tile comes in. It looks just like wood planks, but it’s tile. It’s affordable, it’s chic, and it makes a huge impact.

2- Tile the Backsplash

Back splash can bring an entire kitchen together in no time, and that’s why it’s time. Choose a herringbone pattern, subway tiles, or even penny rounds for a fun and interesting look you can proudly show off in the kitchen. When you go with a tile that complements that solid surface counters you should install for maximum kitchen style, you’re going to turn your boring kitchen into a high-end kitchen in a day.

3- Frame the Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are either framed in wood or they’re all alone with nothing around them. It’s time to update the bathrooms in your home but adding a row of decorative tile along the edge of your mirrors. You get a bonus if you use the same tile from your kitchen backsplash to tie it all in. It’s a quick, simple change that makes a significant impact on the overall look of your entire home.

4- Tile the Outdoor Space

Do you have an outdoor living space? If you have a covered lanai or patio, why not add some outdoor tiles to the floor to make it more modern and functional? It’s a much prettier addition than basic concrete, and it really looks modern. Choose something large, durable, and that goes with all your outdoor décor. You can add this relatively easily with a little help or on your own to make a difference in the overall look of your entire outdoor living area.

5- Add A Unique Tile Niche

If your bathrooms seem a little boring, try updating the tile niche in the shower. You know the little area where you hold your shampoo and conditioner? Add tile to the inside that doesn’t quite match the tile around it. Go with a pop of bold color, something with a fun pattern, or a color you’re not expecting in the bathroom. It’s a very small upgrade, but it’s one that does make an impact.

6- Tile Showers

Those pre-fab showers and tubs are a thing of the past. It’s time to get rid of the plastic shower walls and replace them with a custom tile job. Classic subway tiles make an impact, but so do large floor tiles when they line the walls of your shower. You can even mix and match with a simple inset of the opposite tile you’re using to create added interest.

7- Change the Shape

Think outside the box when it comes to your new tile addition. Go with a diamond pattern. Stagger the tiles. Try a herringbone pattern on the floors. Throw in one large tile with a beautiful design in the middle of the floor in the foyer for a fun pop. You can do whatever you want, but do something that’s different from every other tile floor you see.

Adding tile to your space is just one way to make a huge impact in almost every room of your home. The beauty of tile is it’s versatile enough to use anywhere and everywhere in any home. It’s a simple and affordable way to add a few updates to any home, and it’s going to net you a lovely return on your investment if you choose to sell in the future.

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