7 Hacks to Using Brick Pavers in Your Landscape Design

Brick pavers are flat masonry stones designed to lay directly on the ground for landscaping needs. The idea of brick pavers comes from the way streets were constructed long ago. Those ancient streets made of brick are still around today as a testament to their longevity. Now, pavers are popular as landscaping enhancements for both their beauty and durability. Here are seven hacks for using brick pavers in your landscape design to create some stunning features.

1. Sidewalks and Walkways 

Brick pavers can actually be applied in a few different ways to either construct or enhance a walkway. 

  • The entire sidewalk can be constructed by laying brick pavers on the ground forming a classically timeless, beautiful walkway. They can be rectangular shaped, square, oval, or oblique allowing for an endless array of eye-appealing choices for designs.
  • A concrete sidewalk can be lined with pavers creating an attractive border. The border could even extend around any flower beds lining the driveway for even greater overall eye-appeal.
  • They can also be inset into a sidewalk while the concrete is forming to create a bold, original design.

2. Driveways

Brick pavers are ideal for driveways because of their durability and beauty. You can create your own design with the different available shapes and colors for some individualized, stunning curb appeal. 

3. Patios

They’re also perfect for a patio floor. Durable enough to last forever, pavers can be arranged to almost any specifications to create a stunning outdoor space. You can even plant grass to grow between the pavers for an even more unique look or use sand or small, colored rocks to accentuate the spaces between the pavers. 

4. Pool Area

Able to withstand any amount of water, they are suitable to use for landscaping around your pool. They can be used to line the pool’s edge, make a walkway around the pool, or create a lounging area for tables and chairs. They could be used to create a path from your house to your pool as well. You could even use them to construct water fountains flowing into the pool. All of the different colors, shapes, and styles of brick pavers can really make your pool landscaping pop. 

5. Create Walls and Steps

Their durability makes them suitable for creating outside walls and steps. Brick pavers can be stacked in any number of patterns to create stunning one-of-a-kind walls carving out a landscape design. Steps made out of pavers will also stand out as an extension of your creativity. Paver walls can also be used on hills to break up the landscaping and help with drainage.

6. Garden Edging

You could use them to create an edging directly on the ground around your garden or flower beds making it easier to control weeds. Or, they could be used to construct a low wall around the same area creating a barrier from some outdoor pests as well as being able to be used as a seating area while you are enjoying or taking care of the garden. 

7. Fire-pits and Outdoor Fireplaces

Just as you would use brick, you could use pavers to build fire-pits and outdoor fireplaces. For a fire-pit, the pavers would only need to be strategically stacked a few inches high in a circular formation to create the pit. For a fireplace, the brick pavers can be stacked and attached together with mortar to add strength. The added bonus of the options of colors and styles allows you to create designs that you can truly call your own.

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