7 Problems a Pest Control Company Can Solve

If you have a residential or commercial property, then there are seven ways that pest control exterminators can help you eliminate a variety of disgusting pests. Exterminators can provide routine or emergency pest-control treatments at businesses or homes to eliminate different types of pests. Here are seven types of pests that customers can find any time of year.

Pest 1: Cockroaches

There are several species of cockroaches that can invade a home or a business, and in some cases, it is important for an exterminator to identify the species before beginning any treatments. An exterminator can examine a property to find the signs of cockroaches to understand what type it is in order to find the nesting locations or the places where these insects tend to hide. To avoid contaminating a building with poisons, you may prefer a natural approach to control the breeding of cockroaches

Pest 2: Poisonous Spiders

If you see spiders in a building, then you may not understand what types of arachnids are infesting a space. A knowledgeable exterminator can identify a spider by looking at its special characteristics. Experts have photographed black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders and wolf spiders so that an exterminator can look at the arachnids along with the spider’s webs to determine what type of traps or poisons to use. You can avoid a dangerous bite or sting from a spider by calling a pest-control company. 

Pest 3: Termites

Termites aren’t poisonous, but the insects are highly dangerous for buildings because these pests consume cellulose materials. If there are termites in a building, then it requires immediate treatment to avoid major damage to a building’s wooden frame, drywall and other cellulose materials. In some cases, an exterminator can use a localized treatment to destroy the termites and to get rid of the fungus that the insects create in the cellulose materials. However, many buildings will need a tenting process to eliminate the termites and the eggs of the insects. 

Pest 4: Mice

Mice can enter a tiny hole to live in a building’s attic or walls, and you may not see these rodents until there are hundreds living in the building. This is because mice are often nocturnal animals that scurry along the baseboards to find food and moisture. Mice will urinate and defecate on surfaces, so you may notice smelly trails on the floors of a room. An exterminator will use humane traps to capture the rodents, preventing problems from dead carcasses in the walls. By eliminating filthy mice from a building, you can avoid any contamination from the rodents that often carry dangerous diseases. 

Pest 5: Ants

Ants tend to invade buildings during the spring or summer as the weather becomes warmer, and you may notice these insects outside a building on its porch or walkways. However, ants will enter a building to find food that is stored in a kitchen. In addition to eliminating the ants, an exterminator can provide advice concerning storing foodstuffs properly to avoid attracting the insects. An exterminator will also look for the nests where the ants have young so that you can get rid of all of the insects. 

Pest 6: Mosquitoes

As summer approaches, you will begin to notice more mosquitoes outside a business or a home, and these insects can transmit dangerous diseases. Mosquitoes thrive in wet environments, so it is essential to eliminate any standing water where the female mosquitoes can lay eggs. Look on your property for old wading pools or other items that will hold standing water. Contact an exterminator who can place mosquito traps on your lawns, and also, he can use barrier system sprays. 

Pest 7: Flies

When you have flies everywhere on your property, it can make daily living difficult. The dirty flies can bite you, and the insects will also land on your food, utensils and dishes. Flies can enter a building through holes in the window screens, and some female flies will lay eggs in kitchen or bathroom drains. This can lead to having numerous flies in a building, but an exterminator can trap the adult flies along with destroying the eggs of this insect. 

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