7 Reasons to Give Custom Challenge Coins as Party Favors

Even though challenge coins started as a military tradition, over the years they’ve crept into the civilian world and become a hugely popular gift. Challenge coins are perfect for awards, gifts, or simply tokens people will remember for years to come. Here are the top 7 reasons to give custom made challenge coins out as party favors, so your guests will always remember that special day.

1- Memorable Awards

Challenge coins are perfect as awards or symbols of recognition for someone who has achieved something unique. Smaller and easier to hold than a trophy, but more memorable than a simple piece of paper or plaque, challenge coins are the perfect balance of a physical symbol that someone has accomplished something. The military has long used these coins to pay respects and honor those who have served their country with pride.

2- Customized To Any Occasion

Customized challenge coins add another level to an already unique and respected trophy. Customized coins can be made to different sizes and with unique images on both the front and back of each coin. This allows you to create completely unique coins that only your group or team will understand and appreciate. Others will need to be told or explained the significance of the coin making them stand out from simple trophies or certificates.

3- Great Conversation Starters

Holding a challenge coin or having one on display in your home makes for a great conversation starter. As each coin is unique, guests will be curious and ask about the history and story behind each coin. Images on the coin may hint as to the nature of the award, but only the recipient will really know what the image means and why they received the coin. Challenges coins themselves are more interesting than simple pieces of paper and easily spark up conversations with those nearby.

4- Boost Morale and Pride

Just as the military used challenge coins to show respect and honor those who’ve served, the civilian world has quickly adapted to the boost of morale and pride awarding these coins gives people. Giving challenge coins out after a party will help unite and create a bond between all those who attended the party. The group will feel a boost in moral as they know they’ve been a part of something and feel pride in knowing that only a small group holds these coins.

5- Build A Sense of Community

Along with pride and moral, challenge coins help form a community amongst all those who share the same coin. As party favors, your guests will remember the story behind their coins and be able to share that story with other guests who also have the same coin. If you add a test or trial that each guest must complete in order to receive a coin, this will further unite the group as they will have all accomplished a challenge together and in turn received a reward.

6- Easily Collectible

Challenge coins are compact, small, and memorable making them perfect collector’s items. It would cumbersome to fill a room full of trophies, but a small case can hold dozens of challenge coins. Each coin is unique in its size, material, and design. In a way, each coin is like a small storybook, but only the recipient of the coin knows its history. Browsing through a collection of coins is like looking through an old photo album at dozens of memories you have collected throughout your life.

7- Work For Advertising

Depending on the nature of your party, challenge coins even make perfect advertising pieces. The same way they provide people with a sense of pride and community, they also are great memorabilia. Giving out coins is still a unique trend and those who receive them will be sure to remember the occasion.

Customized challenge coins make perfect keepsakes that all your guests will remember and love telling the story to others. Regardless of if you’re hosting a birthday, wedding, memorial, or other event, giving out challenge coins will ensure that all your guests remember the day.

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