7 Things You Need to Do if You Get a DUI

Did you know that over 1.5 million Americans are arrested for driving under the influence? A DUI is a scary experience, but you’re definitely not alone. It’s important to outline the next steps, so you can have a better outcome with your case. Learn about the most important steps to take after receiving a first offense DUI. 

Document Everything

The moment that you get a DUI, you should have everything in writing. As soon as your mind stops racing, you should write down everything you can remember about your arrest. Document the major details as well as the small details that will affect your case in the future. Write down the time and day you were arrested.

Include the details surrounding your arrest. Document any tests you were required to take. Write down anything that appeared strange. Recall the conversation you had with the police. While it may have appeared fuzzy at the time of your arrest, some of those details can quickly come to the surface. 

Hire a DUI Lawyer

Once you have the details of your case, you should hire a DUI lawyer. Not only will an attorney help you if you intend to contest your charges, but you’ll also want one who will defend you if you’re guilty. An experienced offense DUI lawyer can help you determine your options and which ones work best for your case. 

Check your state laws to see how soon you need to hire an attorney. According to Florida state laws, you should hire an attorney so you can request a hearing within 10 days. Not following this timeline will leave you without a driver’s license for up to 18 months, which is over the 180-day limit. 

Set Social Media to Private

Since the state is building a case against, you don’t want to give them with anything to go with. It’s best to set all of your social media profiles to private during this time. You want to remain as private as possible on the intenret. Even if your social media profiles aren’t related to your arrest or DUI, the lawyers may take something out of context. 

It’s best to be safe rather than sorry. Your attorney can inform you on what else you can should keep private. You may decide to deactivate or delete your social media profiles until the trial blows over. This could prevent you from commenting on the case which could further cause damage. 

Show Up to Court

The moment you get a court date, make sure that you show up on time. You want to dress in the right courtroom attire. This includes not showing any skin and wearing professional clothing. It’s also important that you don’t know the judge that you’ll face.

Aside from wearing professional attire, it’s also important to be well composed and groomed. If you have a solid support system, then they’re allowed to come to court with you. They are expected to dress appropriately as well. Remember to remain polite and courteous during your court case. It’s important to make a good impression. 

Anticipate the Consequences

Even the best attorney can’t help you from getting a penalty. A first offense DUI could include a fine of $500 or more along with six months of prison. No matter what sentence you receive, you should follow through with it. If you fail to complete your community service or probation, you will have a harder time completing your sentence. 

Get Your License Back

The moment that you complete your sentence, it’s time to get your license back. You’re able to get your license reinstated the moment your suspension period ends. You can acquire a hardship license if you can’t wait 180 days to get your license. This is a permit that allows you to continue working during your suspension period. 

Get Car Insurance

Your car insurance rates will rise following your DUI charge. They may even double. Once you complete your case, you can shop around for a new insurance company. Your previous insurance provider could renew your policy for a lower rate. 

But it’s better to find a better insurance. There are insurance providers who have experience with drivers who have a first offense DUI. Don’t avoid receiving liability insurance the moment your rates increase. This will only complicate and lengthen your legal problems. 

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