7 Tricks to Dealing with Children and Hair Extensions

Every parent desires his or her kid to look good. Beauty is not only brought about by the facial look. Hair is another significant contributing factor to the exquisiteness of a child. Sometimes, the hair of the children takes the time to grow long. It makes the child feel down hearted when with other kids who have long hair. It is the reason many parents prefer hair extensions to give their children the look of their desire.

1- Keeping Short and Sweet

Though many people take hair extensions for their children’s hair to look long, the neatness of the extended hair matters a great deal. First, it is appropriate to choose the extension depending on the length of the natural hair. For the shoulder length hair, it is best to opt for the 16 – 18 inches long, kid’s type.

The thickness of the extension should be equal to the hair of the child. Further, taking short extensions keep the kids comfortable as they won’t have to struggle with long hair covering the bigger part of their body backs. Specifically, 16-22 inches children’s type is suitable for the child.

2- Trimming

It may seem a simple task to undertake. However, for maintenance of the children’s hair extensions, it requires quite a knack for details to take. Trimming the hair extension to match the current hair cut gives the kid a lovely look. The cuts should be done by the hair stylist to help in the blending of the extensions with the child’s natural hair.

3- Coloring to Perfection

Many kids have their natural hair resembling their parent’s types. The bleaching color is essential as it gives the extension a look that resembles the natural hair for decency. Before choosing the bleaching color, it is vital to ensure that the hair extension resembles the natural hair a 100 percent. After that, selecting the base color follows for perfection.

4- Grabbing the Curling Iron

Sometimes, some children’s hairs are very stiff making it difficult to attach with the extensions. However, this should not be a reason to deny a child the hair extension. There are other alternatives of attachment like curling. The stiff hair is loosely curled using a curling iron making it soft for easier attaching with the extension.

During the clipping process, it is important to remember spraying of the hair extensions. It makes hair extensions to last longer. Probably, due to the fragrance of the spray and other mixed ingredients, the durability of the hair wig is under extension.

5- Washing Before Wearing

Most hair extensions come with a glossy finish. It attracts many people due to the excellent look. However, it is a deadly straight giveaway when clipped to the child’s natural hair. Hence, it is critical to wash the extensions with the natural, gentle moisturizing shampoo and hair conditioners to eliminate the excess sheen.

6- Less is Always More

As the adage states that less is more, it equally applies to the hair extensions. Though a person may desire to have his or her kid with the most extensions, using the minimum amount brings a splendor look. Probably, the way of clipping is the determining factor. Also, the stylist involved in fixing the extensions is another key determinant of the whole set will be in use.

To ensure that less is more is in the application, consistent clipping is essential. First, the medium length wefts should be in the middle of the child’s head. The longest wefts must be in the widest part of the head, and the shortest ones should be by the kid’s temples.

7- Styling

The reason why many parents prefer to have hair extensions in their children’s heads is that of the simplicity in maintenance. Dealing with the extensions is not expensive. It only needs the maintainer to have styling tips. To cut on the renovation costs, introducing of styling process helps a great deal. Some of the styles include push backs and side lining. Even after rewashing, the styling makes the extensions look more natural as the original hair in the head.

Instead of ruining your child’s natural hair tresses by using chemicals to make their hair long, hair extension is in disposal for use. They give kids a beautiful look in a matter of minutes. Summoning the best hair stylist to help in clipping of the hair extensions is one critical factor that should be in consideration.

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