7 Tricks When Decorating an Outside Wedding During the Summer Heat

Although summer months are often hot and humid, they are still a popular time of year for weddings. The blue skies, happy sunshine and colorful scenery of summer all contribute to this classic trend. There are a variety of ways to embrace the many aspects of this sunny and joyful nuptial season. Read on for some tips about prime ways to decorate for an outdoor ceremony and celebration during hot months.

1. Time The Ceremony Accordingly.

Consider holding the ceremony in the evening. If you have ever seen fireflies on a summer night, this is the type of twinkling essence made possible during an outdoor summer ceremony. It is a great opportunity to decorate with twinkle lights and even a fun sparkler or sky lantern send off for the bride and groom. If there is a water feature nearby, floating lights may look quite magical as decorations. Just check regulations in the area before using anything that involves open flame.

2. Incorporate Fans and Parasols.

Summer wedding ceremonies can still take place even during the day and remain quite enjoyable. Just try to avoid holding the ceremony during the hottest part of the day. If planning a daytime ceremony, think about using fans or parasols in wedding theme colors. These items will serve double duties by both keeping guests cool and providing nice amounts of color and class to the venue.

3. Choose a Shady Setting.

Another great way to beat the heat is to choose a shady outdoor setting. Visit various green spaces that feature both lush scenery and ample natural shade. Arboretums and gardens often allow reservations for wedding ceremonies. Even if you don’t hold the wedding at an arboretum or garden, consider have photos taken at one.

For example, the National Arboretum allows wedding photos with a permit. See their website for more details. If planning an outdoor wedding on personal land, walk around the property at the time of day of the ceremony and determine which areas are shadiest and receive the best breezes.

4. Use Tents or Canopies.

If your heart is set on a venue that lacks shade, look into renting tents or canopies. These come in a variety of sizes and shapes and not only lend an elegant look but also offer weather protection and sun shade. Many versions also feature mesh that allows air to freely circulate but prevents bothersome insects.

5. Choose Wilt-Resistant Flowers.

Flowers are generally a key part of wedding decorations. Choose wisely to avoid wilting. One option is to look into what native flowers bloom during your wedding month and use those. The Chicago Tribune recommends choosing a local flower grower as a way to also make the wedding as earth friendly as possible. Read this and other green wedding tips here. Favors such as flip-flops and sunglasses can also serve as decorations when displayed in tasteful ways. Plus, guests themselves will accessorize and add an air of fun and whimsy, making the event both decorative and enjoyable.

7. Serve Cooling Drinks in a Whimsical Cart.

Refreshing food and beverages are a welcome sight at an outdoor event. To make it all part of the decorations, rent a whimsical vintage looking cart and hire someone to dress up to push it around and serve guests. If you would rather avoid one with mobility, simply choose several that can be parked and decorated in wedding theme colors.

Summer weddings have the benefit of lingering hours of daylight and lush landscaping. By thinking ahead and embracing the many blessings of the season, the event can be thoroughly enjoyed by all. Many guests enjoy taking time off of work and the chance to change up typical wedding guest apparel, all while celebrating a life changing event. Long live summer weddings!

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