8 Great Tips for Giving Cigars to a First Time Parent

Need to give a gift a first-time parent? If you are stuck for the perfect gift idea, cigars gifts are great and not only for smokers. Non-smokers also enjoy the feel and taste of a good cigar occasionally. But presenting cigars to family, relatives, or friends is an entirely different undertaking. To help you, here are 8 tips for good cigar presents for first-time parents.

1. Don’t Buy the Whole Cigar Box

It is easy to gift cigars to people whom you may already know their favorite cigar and getting them a box of those thoroughly pleases them. Regrettably, most people are not that easy to figure out. So avoid buying an entire box of cigars as a gift. Try out some few brands before deciding on purchasing a whole box. Even if you think the recipient will thoroughly enjoy it, remember that individuals have different preferences. There is a chance that they won’t enjoy it.

2. Try Sampling

Cigar samplers are a great cigar present. Avoid placing all your eggs in one basket. Remember variety spices up life. Gifting a sampler made of ten different cigars makes it look like you gave ten different presents. A recipient may not enjoy all ten, but chances are they will enjoy a few and possibly identify their favorite cigar.

3. Go for Something Special

Consider giving the new parent something they would not buy for themselves. Gifts are special, so get premium cigars especially for persons that won’t spend much on a cigar stick by themselves. Giving a new parent who smokes a premium cigar that he or she would never purchase is something special.

4. Know What to Look For

If you don’t know what brand or style they like or you prefer the personal touch, create a sampler by purchasing cigars at your local shop. Make sure you know what you are looking for especially regarding quality. Get something fresh and well packed. Below are few guidelines to help you:

  • Appearance: Note that with cigars, shiny outer wrappers indicate high inner quality. Identify cigars with smooth, shiny outer wrappings with no cracks.
  • Color: Cigars are produced in a variety of colors: black, brown, green, yellow, and brown. Usually, colors indicate the cigar’s strength and its quality. Cigars that have dark spots or smudges indicate poor manufacturing quality. Go for a cigar with an even and uniform color.
  • Feel: Premium cigars are firm when squeezed or pressed it should retain its shape. Avoid cigars that feel soft or mushy.
  • Smell: A cigar’s taste and smell are closely related. You cannot detect a cigar’s flavor by tasting. A cigar’s flavor is its aroma when inhaled. Before buying, smell a cigar, if the smell is good, it is probably of high quality.

5. Keep Them Safe

Cigars are not your usual presents. Cigars absorb and loose moisture depending on how you store them. Don’t wrap or leave cigars under a tree or drawer. This tampers with their quality and shelf life. Try to keep them safe in a humidor specifically designed to control cigar humidity levels. If you lack a humidor, get a zip- seal sturdy bag preferably a freezer bag.

6. Get a Themed Cigar Set

As the birth of a new child is a special event, consider buying a themed cigar set. Most manufacturers offer customized cigar sets to commemorate significant events. Themed cigars are available in specially branded and designed boxes with unique cigar rings, though in limited quantities. This makes them valuable collector’s items, though by purchasing a themed set you only get ten cigars, not a full box.

7. Price Tags

Large cigar price tags don’t necessarily indicate the best quality. You can find quality cigars in low price ranges with high ratings from reviewers. If buying for cigar connoisseurs with advanced ability to distinguish quality tobacco, you may need to indulge in getting the best quality. Research extensively to find brands that have good reviews to assist you identify the best quality cigars.

8. Purchase Cigar Accessories

To embellish your cigar gift, consider accessorizing your cigar present. Varieties of cheap accessories are available for the serious cigar connoisseur for example cigar cutters, cigar punches, cigar cases, lighters or cigar torches. You can even have the recipient’s name or initials engraved on these accessories for the added personal touch. If you prefer giving presents with more fun, pair your cigar gift with a drink. Get a bottle of scotch, rum, cognac, or coffee. Smoking a cigar is great with a drink too.

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