8 Inspiring Benefits of Flossing Your Teeth on a Regular Basis

Most people are aware that it is important to floss in order to have good oral health. However, flossing not only protects your teeth from decay and your gums from gingivitis, it can have a profound effect on other parts of your body. Studies have concluded that flossing can keep the heart healthy, protect the joints, and in some cases, it can even help individuals lose weight. Therefore, it is important to not only think of flossing as getting the popcorn kernels out of your teeth, but it is actually doing extra duty. Listed below are eight benefits that you can expect from flossing your teeth on a regular basis.

1- Immunity

One of the main reasons people get sick is because of germs or infections. Fortunately, there are ways to combat this, and one way is through flossing. In many cases, bacteria can form in between teeth and the gums. When this happens, the bacteria has easy access to other parts of the body such as the throat or lungs. When bacteria reaches these parts of the body, individuals can get sick. However, by flossing daily, you can help to reduce the amount of bacteria that is found between the teeth.

2- Obesity

As mentioned previously, flossing regularly can help individuals to lose weight. This is because when individuals have a higher rate of plague on their teeth, they also have more body fat. When you truly think about this, it makes sense. If what you eat remains on your teeth for a considerable amount of time, you are more likely to gain additional weight from this material traveling inside your body.

3- Decreases the Chance of Stroke

Research has shown that individuals with bad oral health have a higher chance of having heart problems. This is especially true of individuals who have severe tooth decay and gum disease. When individuals suffer from poor dental hygiene, they are more susceptible to major illnesses such as stroke or heart attacks.

4- Helps with Prenatal Care

Women who are pregnant can also benefit from flossing on a regular basis. Not only does it keep them healthy, but it also keeps their unborn child healthy. Since everything a mother eats or drinks will eventually reach the baby, it is important that bacteria does not travel to the unborn child. If there is a lot of bacteria on the teeth, then there is a high chance that this substance will reach the child, thus contributing to him or her not getting the best nourishment as possible.

5- Manages Blood Sugar

Individuals who are diabetic are more likely to suffer from gum disease. Additionally, diabetics who floss and brush on a daily basis are able to better manage their blood sugar. So not only does insulin help to combat sugar problems, but flossing contributes to do this as well.

6- Eases Joint Problems

People who suffer from arthritis or other joint problems are often in considerable pain. In order to lessen the pain, it is important to floss regularly. By flossing, additional bacteria cannot be transformed to other joints. In many cases, when people begin to notice increases in their joint pain, they can floss to help alleviate this pain.

7- Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s

Many studies link poor dental health to increases in Alzheimer’s disease. By flossing regularly and starting at an early age, individuals will lower their risks of getting this disease. If there are lots of tooth decay and oral problems at an early age, there is an increased chance of Alzheimer’s disease.

8- Improves Sexual Performance

Men who floss regularly increase their sexual performance in the bedroom. Erectile dysfunction has been linked to poor oral health. Additionally, men who are able to perform better in the bedroom have better oral health and indicate that they floss regularly. Therefore, if you wish to have a better sex life, it is important that you floss on a regular basis.

Flossing is extremely important. Although flossing greatly improves your oral health, it is also improves many other functions of the body. If you are not flossing regularly, it is important that you start doing so now.

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