8 Unique Ways to Display Candles Throughout Your House

Candles are timeless decorative pieces that can be incorporated into just about any decor using the right elements. In some cases, candles are fine when displayed on their own, but that typical aesthetic starts to get fairly tired in a hurry. That’s why you should consider displaying candles in unique and creative ways that won’t feel cliche or boring. Below are some examples of how you can bring candles into your space in new and exciting ways.


Most standard long candles will easily fit in the mouth of a bottle after it has been emptied. The classic way to present this aesthetic is with a Chianti bottle, but any bottle with an appropriate mouth will work. Try displaying candles in your favorite wine or liquor bottles for an added sense of sophistication.

Wine Glasses

You might have dozens of wine glasses that you never use, but you could make good use of them with tea light or other small candles. You can either place the light directly inside the empty wine glass, or you can invert the wine glass and place the candle on the bottom of the stem base. If you use that method, you could also use a decorative element of some sort underneath the glass itself.

Mason Jars

This is another classic example for displaying candles at home, and it is classic because it works so well. You can personalize the aesthetic by adding elements to the mason jars you use and arranging them in original ways. Some people have even started hanging series of mason jars holding candles with the help of a wire frame, which creates a whole new host of possibilities for placing the lights.

Old Dishes

You might have a collection of dishes that you never use, and they could be the perfect way to display your candles in a creative way. Old porcelain plates, saucers, or tea cups would make excellent display items for candles. Other older dishes or glassware might make an equally nice display. The trick is accenting the display elements with the candles themselves, which is why a tea cup set is nearly the perfect way to display tea lights.


This might seem a bit unintuitive, but many people find it to be an interesting effect. You might find an antique birdcage in a thrift shop or antique dealer, and while it is no longer useful as an actual birdcage because of its decorative qualities as an antique, it would make an excellent setting for a candle. As the candle burns inside the cage, the dancing flame and the bars of the cage will cast shadows across the room that are constantly ebbing and flowing.

Candle Clock

While this sort of thing hasn’t been commonly used in many years, there was once a high demand for them. A candle clock is essentially a decorative element that would hold and burn candles of a specific size and shape, and the holder would include hashes to represent the passage of time as the candle burned. This was quite helpful for keeping regular time before clocks became commonplace. In the modern world, an old candle clock, or even a new one designed with nostalgic intent, could be a beautiful and interesting addition to any space.

Fruits and Veggies

While this isn’t necessarily a long-term aesthetic solution, using fruits and vegetables to display tea light candles is a great idea for a single event or meal. There are many fruits and vegetables you could easily hollow out to use as a candle holder, and the great thing is that you don’t even have to waste anything. Just use the food items that you already need to use for the meal.

Mirror Displays

A mirror display will not only make your candle stand out in any space, but it will make their light brighter and more effective. There are all sorts of captivating and gorgeous mirror displays for candles with various styles, and you can even create your own from any old mirrors that might not be currently in use in your home. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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