8 Ways to Use Your Puppy’s Face as Artwork

In homes where dogs reside, the dog is so much more than a pet. They’re a cherished family member. Many people have fond memories of puppy hood days, and would love to find ways to use their puppy’s face as artwork throughout their home. Whether that’s done through paintings hung on walls, groupings of puppy face artwork or striking puppy silhouettes, featuring their puppy’s face as decor is one inspired idea that people enjoy.

You can find companies to order artwork from by sending them a photograph of your dog or puppy. Talented, experienced artists create a rendition of your puppy on canvas or other mediums like metal. Another fun, inspired option is to paint a portrait of your puppy yourself. You may find a local painting facility where you can gather with other aspiring artists and enjoy a glass of wine and paint away! Some art studios are run by galleries. Some are business facilities located in strip malls.

When you paint and create your puppy portrait yourself, the work has double meaning. It’s your puppy, the one you love and cherish, and you know that you’ll enjoy having artwork featuring their cute face to display. The other meaning comes from knowing you painted it and created it yourself. This brings a rich sense of satisfaction and a heartwarming feeling every time you look at your puppy painting. If you feel that you won’t be able to successfully capture your puppy’s personality with all its nuances, you can always commission a professional artist to paint it for you.

Some mediums you can use to display your adorable puppy’s face include traditional paintings on canvas, photo prints on canvas, Giclee prints, wallpaper, photos printed on comforters, throw pillows and ceramic renderings. Styles can range from life-like to whimsical renderings that are created in an entertaining way. Here are eight creative ways to display your puppy face art:

1) Stitched Puppy Silhouette Pillow

Create a silhouette pattern of your puppy (if you can get them to sit still for it) and then stitch that pattern onto a neutral colored pillow to create a striking display piece. Display pillows on your sofa, on a sectional or on a single chair

2) Single Portrait

A single portrait of your puppy displayed on a wall creates a terrific focal point in a room. This can either be a painted portrait, or an enlarged photographic portrait

3) Puppy Small Silhouette Wall Hangings

Create silhouettes using paper, cloth or drawings. Frame them attractively, add ribbon for accents and display on the wall in a horizontal or vertical pattern

4) A Dedicated Room

You can dedicate a room, like a child’s or older teenagers bedroom to displaying your puppy face artwork. Puppy images on comforters, blankets, pillows and on wall hangings are all good ways to create a one-of-a-kind, inspired, cozy room

5) Specialty Wallpaper

You may be able to have wallpaper created with your puppy’s face on it, but if not, you could go with paper that features images of the exact breed of your puppy. Wallpaper makes a nice addition to a hallway, or to a room that normally serves a utilitarian purpose like a basement or laundry room

6) Ceramic Renditions

Adorable ceramic pieces depicting your breed of puppy always make wonderful decorative accents in places like fireplace mantles, shelves and in display curios. You can find ceramic pieces in thrift shops, antique stores, flea markets and in specialty ceramic shops

7) Colorful Large Silhouettes Framed as Pop Art

Colorful large size silhouettes of your puppy that have been framed in a fun ways create a focal point in a room when they’re grouped together artistically on a wall

8) A Collage Display

Pick up a frame that lets you put your puppy’s paw print as the center focal point in the frame, surrounded by photos of your puppy. This gives you fond memories of how tiny their paws once were if you do this when they’re very young. It even makes a stunning accent when they’re grown up with full size paws

Reminders of Love

Every time you see your puppy face decor, you’ll be reminded again of their love, cute ways and puppy kisses. This is the perfect heartwarming decor for any puppy lover, especially when it features your own unique, much-loved pup.

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