9 Advantages of Keeping your Essential Oils in Glass Bottles

Essential oils can help to bring amazing benefits to your body and soul. You may notice that the best oils are sold in glass bottles. There are very good reasons for storing essential oils in glass containers as opposed to less expensive materials. Here are 9 reasons why you will find it advantageous in purchasing only oils packaged in glass.

1. Glass bottles never degrade. This means that you can count on glass to have the same protective properties 10 years from now as when it was brand new. Unlike plastic that breaks down over time, glass is timeless in material.

2. Glass is natural and recyclable. Made from elements of the earth, mainly sand, glass does not harbor any man-made toxins or additives that can ruin the quality of the vessel. Another quality is in the fact that glass can be melted down, reshaped and used over and over again. This is a huge plus in keeping with a green environment.

3. There are no chemicals used in the manufacture of glass. Glass does not require chemicals to suspend its durable quality. Many containers have to use petroleum-based substances in order for a vessel to hold together. Glass is naturally substantial.

4. Glass bottles will not absorb odors of essential oils or any other type of content. Unlike other materials, such as plastic that requires toxic additives that leach over time, glass is pure and impenetrable. This makes glass a perfect sterile environment.

5. Glass is durable and can often be used in a dishwasher. Although not as hard as rock, glass can offer a durable surface that is unaffected by high temperatures used in washing and sterilizing. Of course there is a point where melting can occur, but not in normal household use.

6. Potency of essential oils is preserved with glass. Essential oils are known for their concentrated compounds and can stay fresh for long periods of time when stored correctly. Glass gives the perfect environment for keeping essential oils protected from oxygen, a property that is deadly to this substance.

7. Amber colored glass bottles keep UV light away from essential oils. UV light can diminish the quality of essential oils and dark-colored glass is a recommended source for slowing down these toxic rays.

8. Glass bottles protect any possible contamination of essential oils. Degradation of oils can cause to become toxic and unsuitable for use. Heat and light are enemies to the chemical makeup of essential oils. An air-tight glass bottle is a perfect unit for helping to prevent this from happening. Your oils should always be stored in a cool, dry area for best results.

9. Glass bottles can last for decades and lengthen the shelf life of essential oils. Essential oils can be protected by placing in glass bottles instead of plastic. There will be no contamination of leaching, no worry of material breakdown and solid air-tight atmosphere for your essential oils to stay fresh and aromatic.

Essential oils can last a long time when the packaging is made to protect the contents. Oxidation, heat and light are the biggest threats to oils. Glass bottles help to deter these actions from occurring. Always look for amber glass as opposed to clear glass when selecting your oils, especially organic essential oils. When this is done, the shelf life can exceed 4-5 years and stay fresh for your use. The price of essential oils is not as important as the care that is taken in protecting the contents. Choose amber glass over any type of plastic, follow recommended storage and enjoy your favorite fragrances.

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