9 Benefits of Playing Rugby in College

College years are some of the most glorious fun-filled moments you will ever have. Those who had the opportunity to attend college can attest to the fact that sports play an integral role in college life. There are a plethora of sports to choose from such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, rugby, etc., for both men and women. Here are nine benefits of playing rugby that may nudge you to explore this path:

1- Promotes Cardiovascular Strength

One of the major advantages of taking up rugby is that it bolsters your cardiovascular strength. You will be required to do aerobic activities like running and jogging, throwing, sprinting, etc. This may sound like an arduous task at the onset but things get easier with practice. With such great benefits, you may not have to hit the gym as often.

2- Perfect Physical Shape

This sport requires tons of vigorous exercise that will help you burn excess calories. Rugby advocates high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that also helps with managing weight. This can help you maintain a great shape even if you are not an excellent player. Being in great physical shape enhances your image and wards off medical conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and such.

3- Build Lasting Friendships

Like any other sport, rugby promotes establishing of friendships with teammates and even opponents. College can be a tad overwhelming for freshmen and building friendships can make the journey easier. You will meet a lot of people at practice and tournaments, and this presents opportune moments to build lasting friendships throughout college and beyond.

4- Get your Priorities Straight

One of the many pitfalls of college years is that many people get carried away by fun and other less important things and lose sight of the main goal. Committing to a sport like rugby provides a meaningful way of spending time after classes thereby steering you away from temptations. Overnight drinking sprees, dabbling with drugs, binge-watching TV, and other hobbies fade in comparison to being a rugby player.

5- Teaches you Resilience

Playing rugby comes with a host of challenges ranging from physical discomfort to losing a few games. You may be tempted to quit when things get rough, as they mistakenly do, but you will build up resilience over time. Losing a tournament to a rival school or falling out with teammates or dreading practice can be frustrating but you will learn how to cope. Resilience comes in handy in other aspects of life such as completing your studies, job hunting, maintaining jobs, etc.

6- Alleviates Stress

Being in college alone comes with a great deal of stress just from the coursework alone. Other pressures like social life, financial struggles, and anxiety about the job market, etc., can take a toll. Rugby is a positive distraction that reduces stress from college life so you can pay attention to the important things. This promotes mental health which is vital in concentration on your studies so you can graduate with strong grades.

7- Managing the Rugby Club

Some freshmen are eager to join fraternities and sororities to feel a sense of belonging. By joining your college’s rugby team, you can get an opportunity to manage the team as you gain more experience. This will help you gain leadership skills and other transferable skills to bring to your work life.

8- Wheelchair Rugby

If you are confined in a wheelchair due to some temporary or permanent disability, you need not sacrifice your dream of playing sports. The world is becoming more sensitive and inclusive of all kinds of people and this diversity has infiltrated sports, albeit slowly. Wheelchair rugby is a great option for people with disabilities that may thwart them from playing other sports.

9- Easy to Enroll

There are no height requirements for enrolling in a rugby team as seen in sports like basketball. No matter your height, there is always a position that is suitable for you. Your success on the pitch is hinged upon skill, determination, and strength. So, go on and throw your hat in the ring!

Rugby is an incredible sport to engage in and it comes with a sense of pride and respect. There is a lot to learn on and off the pitch and these invaluable lessons will stay with you well after graduating.

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