9 Crazy Ways to Step Up Your Holiday Party Look

Holiday party season is here already and it’s time to start planning your look early. Remember that one year you forgot to plan your outfit and ended up just throwing on an ugly sweater that your mom gave you for Christmas last year? Don’t make the same mistake twice! It’s time to step up your holiday party look this year and slip into something special. Here are 9 of the best (and craziest?) ways to add a festive flair to your holiday get-up.

1. Don’t Resist the Turtleneck

Once thought to be a thing of the past, turtlenecks are back in full swing this holiday season. You can wear it simply as-is or layer it with a blazer, cute dress, or anything really. A great item to dress up or down, it’s a staple for anyone who will be frequenting holiday parties. Nothing says the words ‘casual’ and ‘luxury’ like an old fashioned turtleneck.

2. Go For a Bold Color

Sure, a little black dress or a nicely tailored gray suit can be a nice look. But it doesn’t have that ‘wow’ factor that you need for a good holiday party. Snag yourself a bright fire engine red top or something that screams green and catches all the eyes. This is the perfect time of year to break out those loud clothing items from your wardrobe and give them the attention they deserve.

3. Velvet, Velvet, Velvet

The holiday season is a year to enjoy hot cocoa by a fire, deck your halls in bows, and wear velvet constantly. If you don’t own at least one piece of velvet clothing, start shopping right now. Velvet is that fabric that says, “I’m ready to have some fun.” It’s the kind of material that makes you feel cozy while still looking fine as hell.

4. The Wonders of Metallic Lace

Lace is great, but metallic lace is on a whole other level. Whether it’s an elegant dress or suit coat covered in silvery lace patterns, it’s a show stopper fashion that needs to be seen at your next holiday party. Lace is not just for old ladies and doilies. If your holiday party is properly adorned in string lights, a shiny, reflective outfit is a great choice. You’ll literally be glowing with cheer!

5. Say It With Sequins

Sequins are another amazing reflective material to help you step up your holiday look this year. When you wear an outfit made of sequins, you do yourself wonders by toning everything else down. Wear simple shoes, don’t worry about your hair or make up too much, and just let your sequins do all of the talking.

6. Leather, Anyone?

Holiday parties are a great excuse to pull out your finest leather goods. From white leather boots to skin tight pants, your holiday party look is bound to be sharp. Not into wearing dead animals? Go for a faux leather look! Plenty of designers are making the switch and crafting some insanely beautiful faux leather pieces.

7. Wear a Swingy Skirt

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing, right? Pencil skirts are great and all, but not so great for the dance floor. If you’re really going to be vibin’ at the holiday party, be sure to wear something your can swing in. There are so many cute and classy skirts out there that have that twirl factor.

8. Big Necklaces

Sometimes all it takes to complete a holiday party look is the necklace. A thin gold necklace with a small gemstone pendant may be fine 364 days out of the year, but not at a holiday party! Go BIG this year and dress up your neckline with a necklace strung with giant natural gemstones. Another good option for a holiday party is always pearls. You can easily find big fake pearls to match your classy look.

9. Glamorous Accents

Don’t forget about the accents either! It’s all in the details. A brightly colored pair of shoes, a spectacular brooch, or a rhinestone clutch, can be the accessory that gets your the most compliments at the party this year. This is a great opportunity to wear those accessories you never get a chance to show off.

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