9 Easy Ways to Help Your Cell Phone Last Longer

Cell phones are extremely expensive pieces of technology, but most people treat them like they are disposable. There is simply no reason to swap out your cell phone every year for the latest version when your current phone still has plenty of life left. You would not swap out your television every year, so it makes no sense to do it with your cell phone. You can easily use your cell phone for several years without dealing with any pesky problems. This lifespan can be extended even longer if you treat the phone right. These are the nine best ways to make your cell phone last longer.

1- Purchase a Good Case

Due to their size, it is extremely easy to drop your cell phone at any moment. Since they are delicate pieces of technology, the impact with the ground will likely cause a lot of damage to the phone. The damage can be so severe that you are forced to look at a cracked screen every time you pick up the phone. All of these issues can easily be avoided by purchasing a strong case.

2- Avoid Extreme Temperatures

The tiny parts used inside the cell phone are not designed to withstand extreme temperatures. Exposing the phone to extreme cold or heat can cause performance issues with the battery and potentially cause it to completely shut down. Limit your phone use when outside in extreme temperatures. You also want to avoid leaving the phone inside your car in bad weather.

3- Do Not Charge Overnight

Charging your phone overnight may seem like a great way to have a full battery in the morning, but it is actually slowly destroying your battery. This damage will cause your battery to hold less of a charge as your phone gets older. If you need a full battery in the morning, then it is best to charge the phone for an hour or two before going to sleep.

4- Charge Only When Necessary

It may be tempting to charge your phone periodically during the day to extend your battery life, but this habit will also destroy your battery over time. There is absolutely no reason to charge your phone if it is not close to dying. If you wait until your battery is under 50 percent before you start charging, then you will greatly extend the life of your battery.

5- Keep It Away From Water

Nothing will damage your phone more than water. The electronics used inside the phone will malfunction when exposed to water. Since you do not want your phone anywhere near water, you should never take it in the bathroom. You may miss a call while taking a shower, but that is a lot better than a broken phone.

6- Avoid Unsafe Websites and Apps

Your cell phone is essentially a tiny computer, so you need to treat it the same way as a laptop. Browsing dangerous websites and downloading suspicious apps will cause your phone to get a virus. The virus can create major software issues that make your phone unusable. You can download an anti-virus app if you want extra protection.

7- Clean on Regular Basis

Cell phones spend a lot of time in pockets and on furniture, so they are constantly exposed to dirt throughout the day. Most of the dirt will get attached to the touchscreen, but it can also go in the headphone jack or charging port. If a lot of dirt gets in these small holes, then your phone will not work properly. Take the time to carefully clean your entire phone at least once a month to eliminate any dust buildup.

8- Install Software Updates

Installing software updates may seem like a major inconvenience, but they are actually very important. The software developers spent a lot of time creating these updates to optimize your phone. Failing to install these updates will lead to performance issues and poor battery life.

9- Get Another Battery

The battery is usually the first thing to fail on a cell phone. You do not have to get a new phone if you start to experience battery issues. Just purchase a replacement battery. This will save you a lot of money and greatly extend the life of your current cell phone.

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