9 Key Tips for Decorating Your Apartment Without Breaking the Bank

Window, Furniture, Room, Inside The House, Home, SofaYou want to decorate your apartment, but you are on a tight budget. Have no fear; there are plenty of ways to still achieve a beautiful space with spending no to little money. You can have fun decorating even without big bucks. Here are nine tips for decorating your apartment without breaking the bank.

1. Try Using What You Have

Look around your belongings; it is possible you have lots of things that can be used. You may have a trunk that could become a coffee table. You may have a file cabinet that would work for a nightstand. Use your grandmother’s tea cup on your dresser to hold your rings. You have things, use what you already have first.

2. Try Up-Cycling

Take something you already have and rework it into something new and fresh. You can take an old picture frame, paint it, and add hooks for a key rack. You could reupholster your dining room chairs with neckties sewn together. You can even cut up old denim jeans and make a rag rug. You are only limited to your imagination.

3. Try Shop Thrift and Consignment Shops

The local thrift and consignment shops have great bargains on used items. You can keep a running list of your wants and needs with you on your phone notepad. When you stop to shop, you can refresh your memory with your list. This is a great option to purchasing new items.

4. Try Thinking Out of the Box

Take what you have and use it in another way other than what it is intended. You could use a tablecloth as a window treatment. Take a quilt and recover a wingback chair. Sew antique hankies together for an adorable valance. Use a pitcher to hold your cooking utensils. Rework sheets for draperies.

5. Try Creating It

Look through your crafting supplies and make something. Crochet a basket for your magazines. Create wall art out of your art supplies, something creative and unique. Paint a canvas to brighten your space. Sew some pillows out of old sweaters.

6. Try Bartering

You could work an exchange for home décor. Look for opportunities to make a great swap with someone to gain what you need for your home. They may want a service you have like babysitting or dog walking in exchange for a bedding set they no longer want. The possibilities are endless; you just have to keep your eyes open to see them.

7. Try Looking in Nature

Take a walk outside. There is all sorts of free stuff you can get to decorate your home. Pick wild flowers for your table. Use a branch for a curtain rod. Use
pinecones to create holiday displays. Find a great tree knob and use it for a coat hook. A deer horn makes a great fan pull.

8. Try Being a Minimalist

You actually may not want a bunch of decorations, and that is ok too. Try going without for a while and see if you like the clear space. Sometimes less is best. It sure makes cleaning up the space easier.

9. Try Painting

If in doubt, paint. Paint is so affordable and makes a huge change in things quickly. It can take a piece of traditional furniture and turn it to shabby chic. Painting takes some effort, but is well worth the results.

You can use one of these ways or combine all of them to achieve your goal. Start with a theme in your mind so all your decorating projects are cohesive. There is a lot you can do for free, and a lot you can do for cheap. Remember decorating your home is not about how much it cost you; it is about expressing yourself through your space.

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