A Guide to Finding the Right Type of Haircut for Your Face

Dress, Girl, Beautiful, Woman, Hands, Fashion, FemaleWe all have our moments when we want to try something new; we shop for a new wardrobe, we dye our hair, or if you want to try something a little more risky — get a haircut. Cutting your hair can be a scary move to make, because no matter how it turns out, it is not going to grow back by tomorrow. There is nothing wrong with taking a chance, and trying something new, and your hair may not grow back by tomorrow, but it will grow back. So do not stress over a possible bad haircut just take the chance. There are many factors that go into finding the right haircut for our individual features, but the main factor that is focus on is your face shape.

However, it does not matter what your face shape is, there is a haircut that will work for you. All you have to do is find the right cut that will compliment your features. Along with your face shape, you should also consider hair texture, lifestyle, and personality into your decision.

Find Your Face Shape

Everyone has a individual face shape. Generally, there are six categories: long, square, oval, diamond, round, and heart-shaped. You may be able to look in a mirror and guess what your face shape is or you can take measurements to help you. If you try these and still can’t figure it out, it is not something to worry about. There are other factors to help you find the right haircut. You can focus on the length of your hair or your personality to help you. If you have a distinct hair texture, this may be the best guide for you decision.

Highlight Your Best Features

When finding a haircut, you want to find a style that highlights your best and favorite facial features. For a heart-shaped face, try to bring attention to your cheekbones and eyes with bangs or volume on the sides. If you have a long face, shorter styles are great, along with much volume or bangs. Round faces look great with hairstyles below the chin. Short haircuts with volume on the top tend to make the face look longer. Although, short curly hair can add width to the cheeks. Oval faces look good with most hairstyles. It is probably more important to focus on hair texture. Square faces tend to look towards hairstyles that downplay an strong jawline. Curls or choppy ends may help with this.

Should You Get Bangs

Bangs have a major effect on any hairstyle. Bangs have the ability to bring more attention to the eyes, and work very well for most face shapes. Bangs can be more questionable for curly or wavy hair, but they can definitely work, so do not rule them out right away.

Go With Your Gut

In the end, the only true rule to finding the right haircut is to do what makes you feel beautiful. Everything that is listed above is not the rule, but rather some suggestions. Your confidence is your best accessory, the only opinion that matters is your own. You do not want to commit yourself to a haircut that does not make you feel like yourself to a haircut that does not make you feel like yourself. You can rock any haircut with the right attitude.

Go Trendy

Most of the trends for hairstyles look great on a variety of face shapes. Bobs, bangs, pixie cuts, and shoulder-length cuts look good on most face shapes, and are also very trendy hairstyles.

If you go to get your hair professionally cut, you can always talk to your stylist about their opinion. They study hair for a living, so they are in touch with what is trendy.

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