Avoid Awkward Pauses With These Conversation Topics

Avoid Awkward Pauses With These Conversation Topics

Thanks to modern technology that’s become so commonplace it’s easy to take for granted, keeping up with friends and loved ones at a distance has never been easier. Things like FafeTime, unlimited talk and text, and even the ability to do conference calls through platforms like Zoom have transformed the way people think about distance and travel. If a person has to travel regularly for work, it’s easier than ever to see their family and friends even when they are an ocean away. 

While modern conveniences like FaceTime and cell phones have led to incredible advancements in communication, any conversation has the potential to become awkward. Especially if you are trying to reconnect with someone you haven’t seen in a while, or regularly FaceTime someone. For couples who date long distance, or grandparents checking in on their families from across the country, finding interesting ways to keep FaceTime conversations alive can be hard. 

While there is nothing wrong with a little silence, and in some relationships being able to be silent on a FaceTime call without it being awkward is a great thing. However, there are ways that you can keep things following and avoid potentially awkward, silent pauses. 

Things to talk about on FaceTime, or games to play to keep the conversation moving aren’t too hard to accomplish. If you have been wanting to find things to talk about on FaceTime and ways to have fun with your loved ones at a distance, here is everything you need to know! 

First Off, Don’t Sweat It And Try and Have Fun!

Sometimes it can feel a little intimidating to hold a conversation over FaceTime, and something that won’t help is getting worried or anxious. If you are keeping up with family and friends that love you, just breathe and let the conversation become what it is. Don’t put huge expectations on yourself. 

Instead of getting up in your head over the conversation, determine to have fun and learn something new about the other person. If this is someone you have an intimate relationship with like a spouse or best friend, they will appreciate the effort and it will be a great time! 

1. What’s Something New That’s Happened?

One of the best things you can ask someone when there’s an unwanted lull in the conversation is for them to share one new thing they experienced. This is a little different than simply asking if anything is new with them because it emphasizes providing new information. While someone can easily answer a simple ‘no’ to the question of what’s new? Asking them to recount the latest ‘new’ experience they’ve had isn’t hampered by a time frame. Maybe something they had never experienced before happened a month or more in the past, and it still qualifies. This is a great way to get the other person engaged in thinking through their life to share something new and exciting. 

2. Top Three Favorite Childhood Movies

Another great question to ask when it feels like the conversation is starting slow down – is what the other person’s top three favorite childhood movies are. This is a great question that gives you a chance to find out more about the other person. A favorite childhood movie can say a lot about a person and who they are. During those developmental years, the movies, books, and characters that people loved shaped them into who they are.  

If you are afraid the conversation might be about to drop off, ask about their childhood movie selection! This is especially fun with people that have a generational difference, like a grandkid to a grandparent. Being able to find out about pop culture from bygone eras can create some sweet moments of connection. 

3. Always Ask About Their Hobbies and Interests

If you know the other person well enough to know how they spend their free time, investigating their hobbies and interests will always be a good move. People love to talk about what they love – so asking questions about their favorite pass times, or skill sets that they have developed will help inspire conversation. If the other person enjoys an activity you genuinely know very little about, use this as an opportunity to keep the conversation going. 

Whether it’s about the other person’s pet or favorite hobby, talking to someone about what they love is an effective way to encourage strong conversations. 

Conclusion: Take A Moment To Check In

Depending on the kind of relationship, this can look a multitude of different ways. Taking time to check in on how the person is doing is important. Sometimes this happens later in a conversation because it’s easy to dismiss a simple ‘how are you?’. If you see a chance to ask your friend or loved one how they are doing and if there’s any way you can be there for them, you are showing them a lot of love.

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