Basic Information About Escape From Tarkov, Which Will Help A Beginner To Understand The Project

Basic Information About Escape From Tarkov

Tarkov is a complete combat simulator combined with a battle royale mode. The player must choose his side of the conflict, learn to shoot and move tactically, interact with shelters and the game map, be able to get weapons, accessories for them, equipment and ammunition, and much more.

You have to learn how to get yourself play money and upgrade your character. This can be done on your own by completing the instructions of various NPCs and playing on wild characters, or follow the link – and order a boosting service for your character. The service guarantees the safety of personal data and uses VPN to mask the login to the account from another place and inaction on the part of the game administration to the actions of professional players. The status of the order can be tracked on the site, upon completion of the transaction it is recommended to change the password.

Getting Started And The Basics

You have to choose your playable faction – a private military company that you join. It could be Americans or Russians.

The differences are more visual than physical. The only thing is equipment and negotiations. The Americans will use NATO uniforms and weapons and converse in English, while the Russians will speak their native language and prefer AKs and other weapons and equipment.

You have to get used to the idea that the priority of Escape from Tarkov is on combat simulation, so there will be no additional interfaces in the game to facilitate game mechanics. There will be no minimap and will have to rely on visual landmarks, a game physical map and a compass as a direction indicator (by the way, you will have to buy it, or complete special tasks to get it).

You have to independently remember the entry and exit points to each combat zone in order to enter the territory, pick up useful equipment and leave. Ideally, if you know how to do it quietly and without a fight, or at least with minimal losses for yourself. Focus on large objects like a sawmill to visually match the direction.

Keep in mind an important point – any death is the loss of everything to be mined with hard work, but there is a trick to avoid this.

  1. Store all valuable property that you are afraid of losing, or are unsure that you will be able to keep it as a result of the outing. Leave the gun, cartridges for it and a first aid kit. This is the cheapest weapon that you can buy from local merchants and, accordingly, losing it will not cause you significant inconvenience. In turn, you will be able to find equipment and weapons for yourself during a sortie, and even if you die, you simply will not get anything new, but you will still remain with your own. If you manage to kill an enemy PMC, then you will receive a complete set, but with a pistol you are better off studying the map and choosing places for ambushes.
  2. Master the system of Wild characters – these are neutral heroes that you rent, as it were, in order to play on it for a certain time and not risk your main character. Wild have a neutral status – they are not attacked by other bandits and players who shoot wild will be sanctioned by the guild of merchants, which will bring economic inconvenience. To transfer all the acquired property to the main character, you need to leave the combat zone for free, or by paying for a trip by car.

Interaction With The Merchant Faction

All that you will find during your attacks – weapons, ammunition, accessories for weapons, equipment and various non-military valuable items. All this can be sold to merchants to get play money and increase your status and level of trust, to receive special bonuses.

If you lower your trust level by killing or shooting wild characters, you will get a significant reduction in pricing, a decrease in time when issuing a wild one, a deterioration in starting equipment and aggression from all the bots that you meet on the map.

Positive actions on the other hand will increase the duration of the Wild character’s activity, bots and bosses will, on the contrary, treat you friendly and can help you in case of danger. You will be able to take a wild one at a reduced cost and not overpay for leaving the combat zone. You will get the opportunity to buy good equipment, weapons and accessories at a reduced cost, and most importantly, items from other players who died in the war zone and were transferred to merchants will become available to you.

To increase your level of trust, you need to kill players who shoot wild and characters who play wild and violate the rules of behavior in resource extraction zones.

If you manage to kill a PMC representative while playing as a wild character, you will also increase the level of trust with the merchant faction.

Exit the combat zone through special exits, or pay for the exit by a special car within one minute after paying for the service. You must be in PMC status.

The main plus of the wild one is the possibility of learning to play and shoot without risking anything and constantly progress. If you get killed, you just take a new fighter and continue your adventure.

The main disadvantage of the wild one is the starting disgusting equipment. Rusty weapons, bad cartridges, lack of medicines and other inconveniences, but you risk nothing and can always change a fighter after death.

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