How-to Cheaply Sell Your House on a Short Time Frame

Surveys show that more than 70 percent of buyers find their home on the Internet. A web site is a MUST-have to sell your house fast. These days it is simple and inexpensive to find a host, name your street address as the url and wait for your buyer. But that is only the first step.

Of course you want your house to look its best when potential buyers arrive. So repair anything that is broken, paint where necessary and clear up the clutter. That may include getting rid of older pieces of furniture to present a neat, modern décor.

When you go about selling your home you want it to be as attractive as possible. According to Zillow, the color used in your house can have a major impact on potential buyers. Surveying more than 30,000 homes revealed that the color blue, associated with calm and peace of mind was most attractive to buyers.

It is relatively easy to integrate the color blue into the décor of your home. Light blue in the bathrooms raised the purchase price of homes by more than $5,000. Zillow reported that blue in the master bedroom creates the mood of calm and peace, and bold blues on the front door and accent blues throughout the house show a family of calm resides here.

Once your house has been swept, painted and presents great curb appeal, you are ready for the next step – photos, lots of them. Surveys have shown that listings with more than six pictures are twice more likely to be viewed by buyers than listings with fewer than six.

If you want to go cheap, take the photos yourself or ask a talented friend to do it. If you want professional results, hire a professional photographer with a wide angle lens. It is worth it. They will suggest angles that enhance the look of your house and make potential buyers want to come and see this beauty.

Use the photographer to edit the photos he took to encourage potential buyers to make the trip. At least 90 percent of potential buyers search online before they call to make an appointment.

Load the photos in the gallery into a logical sequence, starting and ending with a perfect picture of the house, showing great curb appeal, and the natural flow of a buyer on a show tour of the house. When you are satisfied, ask friends and neighbors to view the web site and give you accurate feedback. Take their advice and make any necessary changes.

With access to a video recorder, you can create a virtual video tour on the website, with monologue explaining each room and feature. Include a video love letter about your home and your neighborhood, describing what your family loves about the house and area. Buyers like to know a home and neighborhood are well-loved.

Buyers will buy a house if it is accessible to see. This is tough for a family living in the house, but it must be suffered. Make up and hand out business cards with a picture of the house and your phone number. Offer flexible appointments. Create mailing pieces with pictures and distribute to all homes of similar value within 1-3 miles of your house.

Spread the address of the website to every place you can. There are many places on the Internet that will list your website. You just have to sit in front of your computer and search. You never know when that one person will look at your listing on an obscure directory.

Invite prospective buyers to call for a personal appointment. Hold open house inspections on every weekend day. Keep your refrigerator stocked with small bottles of cold water. Create a self-tour path by preparing each room with colorful indoor signs showing dimensions and special features or prepare a home layout diagram with dimensions for prospects to take with them.

Highlight special features like whether a fireplace is gas, wood or electric or whether a room would be perfect for a nursery. Include school district ratings and put your phone number and website address on each piece.

Finally, accurately price the house for sale, then take ten percent off. This will probably be the final price anyway. Advertise the house at the lower value and the open houses times in a local newspaper and say that sealed offers will only be considered after the second weekend open house. Lower offer buyers should be encouraged to raise their offer without telling who is the highest bid.

But be prepared at the end of the second open house to accept the highest bid. This is the fair market value of your house anyway.

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