Does iPhone Have IR Blaster- Here’s The Truth!

Does iPhone Have IR Blaster

Do you have an iPhone? If so, does it have an infrared blaster? An infrared blaster is a feature that allows your phone to control electronic devices using infrared signals. This can be useful for turning on your TV or changing the channel. Many people need to learn that the iPhone has this feature, but it does! In this blog post, we will discuss how you can use the infrared blaster on your iPhone. We will also talk about some of the benefits of having this feature. Stay tuned!

Does iPhone Have IR Blaster?

Yes, iPhone does have an infrared blaster. All iPhones manufactured after the 4s have this feature. The IR blaster is a very small component located on the top of your device right beside the headphone jack. It works with an app that sends commands through infrared signals to another device, such as a TV or sound system.

What Is An IR Blaster?

An IR blaster is an infrared device that sends commands from a smartphone or other device to another electronic device. It uses infrared signals to communicate with the receiving device, such as a TV or sound system. The app on your phone will send out signals that can control various functions for the receiving device.

How Does The IR Blaster Work On The iPhone And Other Devices?

  1. Control your TV. With the IR blaster, you can turn the TV on and off, change channels, or adjust the volume from your iPhone.
  2. Change TV inputs. You can switch between different inputs on your television, such as HDMI or VGA ports.
  3. Play music through Bluetooth speakers. By using an app like BLE Music Player, you can play songs from your phone and control them with the IR blaster.
  4. Control your fan. You can turn a fan on and off or adjust its speed with an IR blaster app.
  5. Remotely access your devices. With an IR Blaster app, you can remotely control any device that is connected to the same network as your phone.
  6. Automate processes. With an app like Homey, you can set up automated tasks that the IR blaster will complete when triggered.
  7. Control media players. You can control any device with an infrared receiver, such as a Blu-ray player or DVD player.
  8. Program macros for devices. You can set up sequences of commands that the IR blaster will execute when triggered.
  9. Control your air conditioner. With an app like AC Remote, you can change the temperature and fan speed on your air conditioner with the IR blaster.
  10. Automate home appliances. You can control any appliance that has an infrared receiver, such as a washing machine or refrigerator.

Why Would You Use An IR Blaster On Your iPhone Or Another Device?

  • It’s convenient. With the IR blaster, you can control your electronic devices without getting up.
  • It saves time. You don’t have to search for a remote or fumble with buttons on a device.
  • It simplifies tasks. By programming macros or sequences of commands, you can quickly complete tasks with the IR blaster.
  • It’s secure. The signals sent by the IR blaster are encrypted, so your data is safe from hackers.
  • It’s reliable. The infrared signals are transmitted over a short distance and are not affected by radio interference.
  • It reduces clutter. With an IR blaster, you don’t need multiple remotes for all of your devices.
  • It eliminates wasted energy. You can turn off devices when you no longer need them, helping to conserve energy and save money on your utility bills.
  • It’s cost-effective. An IR blaster is inexpensive and will help you save money in the long run.
  • It can be used for multiple devices. You can control any device with an infrared receiver, such as a TV, fan, or air conditioner.
  • It’s customizable. With the right apps, you can create automated tasks that make your life easier.

What Are Some Of The Best Apps For Using The IR Blaster On Your iPhone Or Another Device?

  1. BLE Music Player – Play music through Bluetooth speakers and control them with the IR blaster.
  2. Homey – Automate processes by linking devices and creating sequences of commands for the IR blaster to execute.
  3. TV Remote Control – Turn your iPhone into a universal remote for TVs, Blu-ray players, and other devices.
  4. AC Remote – Control your air conditioner by adjusting the temperature, fan speed, and other settings with the IR blaster.
  5. Peel Smart Remote – Access your devices remotely and adjust settings like volume and channel without searching for remote control.
  6. iRule – Program macros for your electronic devices and control them with the IR blaster.
  7. AnyMote Smart Universal Remote – Control multiple devices from one app and customize settings like brightness, volume, and more.
  8. AduroSmart – Automate home appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators by linking them to an IR blaster-enabled device.
  9. BroadLink Remote – Enjoy a reliable wireless connection over Wi-Fi and access your devices with the IR blaster.
  10. Harmony Smart Control – Program macros for multiple devices such as TVs, lights, and sound systems and control them from your phone.


The infrared blaster on your iPhone or other device is an incredibly powerful tool. It can turn any device with an infrared receiver into a remote-controlled one and allow you to automate processes, control media players, and access home appliances. With the right apps, you can customize settings and create macros for multiple devices. All of this makes the IR blaster a useful and convenient tool for your home. With an IR blaster on your iPhone or another device, you can easily control any electronic device from the comfort of your couch.


Q: Can I control multiple devices with an IR blaster?

A: You can use the IR blaster to control multiple devices. With the right apps, you can create macros or sequences of commands that will allow you to control any device with an infrared receiver.

Q: What are some of the best apps for using the IR blaster on my device?

A: There are many great apps for using the IR blaster on your device. Some of the most popular ones include BLE Music Player, Homey, TV Remote Control, AC Remote, Peel Smart Remote, iRule, AnyMote Smart Universal Remote, AduroSmart, BroadLink Remote, and Harmony Smart Control.

Q: How do I set up an IR blaster on my device?

A: To set up an IR blaster on your device, you will need to install the app that supports it. Once the app is installed and configured, you can control any infrared-enabled device with the IR blaster. Depending on the type of device, you may need to configure additional settings to control it.

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