What is Eco-Friendly Clothing and Why Does it Matter?

Wearing sustainable fashion is a smart way for someone to show they care about the environment. Taking action now is the best way to make a better, safer future for people everywhere. Here are a few facts about eco-friendly clothing and why it matters.

What is Eco-Friendly Clothing?

Eco-friendly clothes cause a minimum to no damage to the environment. Water and energy are needed to create them so they don’t completely conserve resources. Sustainable fashion was likely made from recycled materials. It was also produced under safe working conditions. It’s clothing that improves peoples’ lives and the environment as well.

Help Animals

Innocent animals are often harmed for their wool and silk. It’s important to understand that they are real living beings. Cows and sheep have families just like everyone else. They also contribute a large part to the eco-system. Vegans and vegetarians know the value of saving the environment and animals by making it a habit not to consume them. Popular runway looks can include leather boots and jackets, silk tops and fur coats. Even though they may be popularized, the fact of the matter is that beautiful animals could have been hurt or even killed in the process of producing them. Wearing environmentally friendly clothes allows a person to live guilt-free with whatever they wear. Have empathy for animals and be grateful for them by saving their lives. Actions against others do matter and affect a person’s health and happiness even though they may not realize it.

Conserve the Environment

Many people don’t understand the environmental impact the clothing industry has. It requires an immense amount of water and toxic chemicals to produce natural fibers like cotton and synthetic ones like polyester. People make agricultural and drinking water unsafe by dumping these toxic chemicals into the water in the process. Large emissions of carbon dioxide are released when clothes are manufactured which negatively affects global warming. A large amount of oil is used which further pollutes the environment. Preserve the earth’s resources by wearing eco-friendly clothing.

Fair Working Conditions

A person can be sure their clothing was produced under ethical working conditions by purchasing Fair Trade Act labels. No longer worry about a human being who didn’t earn a fair wage for a job well done. No more sweatshops or unsafe working conditions for people who may produce clothing in third world countries. It’s wise to become educated on the low standards clothing is often made under. Ensure the safety of workers and have a guilt-free conscience by buying eco-friendly clothes.

Long-Lasting Fabrics

According to research, by buying renewable, organic fibers the consumer is committing to a more durable wardrobe. The clothing may be better personalized since it may be handmade by traditional natives. Since eco-friendly fashion is pleasant in appearance and tends to be less trendy it may have a timeless quality. Being less popularized doesn’t mean the clothing isn’t beautiful or fun to wear. This just contributes to its unique quality. Consider making a smart investment in better clothing that lasts longer. Don’t sacrifice quality for superficial apparel which may not be around in a decade.

Commit to Ethical Standards

The clothing industry can be misleading since celebrities and runway models are too often seen donning any fabric they desire. It’s important to note that some supermodels and well-known people like Emma Watson, Lauren Conrad, Summer Rayne Oakes and Miranda Kerr are inspiring environmentalists. Taking notice of the negative side of fame can ensure that a person isn’t fooled into buying products which can seriously harm the earth. Commit to higher ethical standards to aid in environmental progress. Consider the seriousness of harming animals and people by making ethical choices when buying a product. By combining a realistic mindset with an empathetic attitude and taking action the world can definitely be a better place.

Eco-friendly clothing can be low cost with plenty of fashionable choices. As people learn more they realize what’s really important. Next time someone goes shopping he/she should consider the benefits to themselves and others of buying sustainable fashion. Having an ethical mindset is smart and good for the planet.

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