Everything You Need to Know for Setting Up Your First Web Conference

With a web conference, your attendees will have direct access to an expert who will offer content and value, and will be there to answer any questions live. Remember, if you want to attract qualified prospects during a web conference, do not skimp on its promotion. Also, make sure that you understand these principles well.

The first step is to buy a microphone worthy of the name. Remember, in most situations, the web conference platform should be completely free. Also, by publishing the video of your web conference on your site or on YouTube, your community will be able to access it and share it even after its diffusion.

If you do your web conference at night, be careful not to do at times when people are getting off of work (5 pm to 7:30 pm). Do it later, maybe at 8 pm, but not too late either, and not after 10 pm. If you do it during the day, from experience it is likely that people may take a lunch break and not make it back for the web conference, or they may be in a meeting and finally, they may not come or they may also forget about the web conference.

Organize a web conference that will provide as much benefit for you (targeted traffic, loyalty, web visibility, etc.) as for the attendees (training for free by listening to experts, saving time and money, etc.). A good idea is to send a follow-up email thanking them for participating in the web conference while enclosing any pertinent documents. Also, for example, why not include a link to your site or additional articles?

I advise you to use MailChimp. MailChimp is a free service for sending mail that is very useful and easy to use. MailChimp will help you generate reports of activities and will give you the number of people who opened your email and the clicks that result from your emails. Remember, you will have to send the invitation emails, the registration emails and then the confirmation emails once people are registered. Also, view this link for more data.

Another tip is to insert a link to add an event to their calendar. Provide attendees your own e-mail, that of the co-organizer or that of the person who will manage the web conference. Once everything is planned, you can start looking for the platform that best suits your needs.

For example, Google Hangouts is a free service that lets you stream from your webcam and share your screen for your web conference. Indeed, Google Hangouts can sometimes suffice, however one problem you may have is that the sound may quickly become inaudible if you have a bad internet connection. To avoid reaching this point, several conditions are necessary. For example, you should invest in professional equipment: microphones, cameras, etc.

For better quality, I also advise you to use paid platforms and to organize web conferences as often as possible to make the investment profitable. Use a platform that will enable you to resolve any technical problems with your video or sound. It may be bit more technical but it should also be very effective. This makes it possible to avoid echoes, for example.

If you have several co-presenters, do not hesitate to regularly communicate with them to plan the web conference. Print your slides in case of technical problems on your computer. It is also crucial that you have a well-defined plan to make life easier for your attendees. Also, view this link for more data.

I also advise you to use a USB camera and one that is easily transportable and configurable. Remember, begin preparation before the web conference, and about an hour before. Define who should speak, and when.

Also, define a person to answer questions from the attendees during the webinar. Make sure you provide attendees access to all the essential information: date, subject, duration, speakers, time, etc. Also, start the web conference without sharing your screen half an hour to an hour before the official start time of the web conference.

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