How Everyday Habits Can Feed Mould Growth

How Everyday Habits Can Feed Mould Growth

Mould is usually caused by damp, condensation, and poor ventilation. You must actively find ways to prevent mould in your home or it could start growing and spread around the property. Luckily, there are lots of changes you can make to your everyday habits to keep it at bay. 

ICE Cleaning’s mould removal services can quickly make you home a safe space again. Its technicians have been accredited by Dewpoint Professional and are available nationwide, 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Keep reading to hear from the experts how your habits could be causing mould. 

Forgetting To Turn On Extractor Fans

When steam from cooking and washing comes in contact with cold surfaces, like walls and windows, the water vapour condenses on it, making it damp.

To prevent condensation forming, you should install and use extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom. You need to make sure these rooms are well ventilated when cooking and washing, too.

Not Turning On The Heating

Making sure the surfaces in your home stay warm will also prevent condensation. Put the heating on for a few hours in the morning and evening, and make sure the temperature in your home does not fall below 14°C.

Keeping The Windows Shut 

High humidity is the leading cause of mould growth. Opening windows frequently can bring in fresh air and help expel humid air. It is recommended you open windows in the morning before the heating comes on to prevent condensation, and keep a window open while cooking or washing. 

Drying Clothes Indoors

As wet clothes dry, they release water vapour which can get trapped in your home if the area is not well ventilated. This is serious problem in the winter as we tend to keep windows shut. Instead, use a drier or dry clothes outdoors. 

Putting Away Damp Clothes

One of the most common places to find mould growth is in your closet or wardrobe. Any damp garments when stowed away in a confined space with poor air flow is very likely to cause mould. 

Using wardrobe dehumidifiers and making sure there are gaps between clothes to allow air flow can help prevent mould growth. 

Not Putting Lids On Cooking Pots

Lots of steam can be produced while you cook. Something as simple as keeping pots and pans covered where possible can reduce the amount of steam and ensure humidity levels stay low. 

Keeping The Dishwasher Open

Leaving wet dishes out on the side to dry can make the kitchen humid, particularly if it’s poorly ventilated. An open dishwasher can result in the same consequences. Make sure it stays closed or dry dishes as soon as you wash them up. 

If mould does start growing in your home, bring in mould specialists, like ICE Cleaning’s technicians. They will have the professional equipment and training required to eliminate all the mould in your home, including airborne mould. They can even advise on how to prevent it returning in the future. 

You can find out more about ICE Cleaning and its mould cleaning services on its website

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