How-to Determine Your Décor and Design Style

Simple decorations can make a big difference when it comes to the way that your home feels when you live in it. Every person is different, so it is important to figure out your design style so you make ensure that your home is right for you. Discovering your style is easier than it first appears. There are just a few things that you need to consider about yourself and your preferences to figure out where you should start. After that, it is simply a matter of experimenting and narrowing down your options until you get things exactly right.

Read Tips

There are plenty of small design tips out there, and reading through a few collections of them is a great way to get started with your search for the right style. Mark down all of the tips that seem the most useful or appealing to you as your work your way through the lists. Ignore any of the tips that do not appeal to you and make a separate list for the ones that you feel are probably wrong.

Once you have your lists, read through them again and look for things that the entries have in common. They might emphasize color or specific types of furniture, or they may call for simplicity overelaborate designs, or any number of other trends. The commonalities in the tips that appealed to you will lay the foundation or your design style, while those that are common to the things you disliked are trends that you should make a point of avoiding.

Do You Like Change?

Some people prefer to decorate their home once and then leave it that way for years, while others like to make regular changes to their design. Both options are popular, and you should take the time to think about yourself and decide which one you prefer.

People who value change should keep that in mind when they are designing their homes. For example, choosing seasonal themes is a great option for people who want to tweak their design every few months. Using that technique will ensure that the design always seems to fit in with the environment. On the other hand, people who want to avoid regular changes should make a point of avoiding that sort of theming because it will clash with the environment for most of the year. The same is true of themes based around holidays, or any other temporary event.

Practical Considerations

There is always a practical component to decorating. All decorations need to be cleaned or otherwise maintained every now and then. People who are willing to put a lot of time into keeping their home in good shape should feel free to use design styles that have a lot of small or complex items in them, while those who prefer to minimize their workload should err on the side of minimalism. Space can also be a factor, especially in small homes, and can determine the styles that are practical.

Price can also be a factor, since some styles will require more expensive materials than others. Some can even require small renovations of the home for structural elements. Clever designers can do a lot to cut the cost through clever shopping and even building their own decorations, but the cost can still be a factor for many people. Figuring out your budget early into the design process can help to narrow down the options and make sure that your intended style will be practical for your home.

Look at Examples

Ultimately, a picture is worth a thousand words. The best way to figure out your design style is to look at examples of as many different styles as possible. The Internet is a great resource for doing that, but you should also pay close attention to buildings in real life. Once a style catches your eye, do some research on it to find out how it works and see if there are any elements that you can bring into your own home. This will often result in your home developing a mixture of several styles to produce something that is unique and a perfect fit for your preferences.

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