Teen Driver Tips: How To Dodge Traffic Violations

How To Dodge Traffic Violations

One of the most important responsibilities for any adult is to teach and help young drivers learn the traffic rules. Roads, traffic and law, as we know, can ruin lives.

Therefore, before you buy your teenager a new car, you must take the time to test their skills.

In the US, several laws guide citizens when they drive a car on the streets and roads. These laws and regulations differ in every state.

However, you must be aware of them and help the young drivers learn and follow these rules for the sake of their safety and that of others.

In this article, we shall discuss teenage driving laws and how to help teen drivers dodge traffic violations.

Teenage Driving Rules

The minimum driving age varies across the US. It depends on the state laws. However, US citizens, on average, can start driving between the ages of 16 to 18.

Moreover, you must note that you cannot get a legal driver’s license at the age of 14 in any state. However, Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota regulations allow you to have a learner’s permit at 14.

You can contact the Demas Law Group to understand teenage driving laws better. Moreover, you can find seasoned lawyers to help you dodge some common underage driving convictions.

Driving Hour Restrictions

Some states have a nighttime driving restriction for provisional license holders. However, this only means you can’t drive between 9 PM and 5 AM. 

Remember, the specific hours vary depending on the state. Drive safely and confidently! 

Passengers On Board

If you’re a driver with a learner’s license, it’s important to know the limitations regarding the passengers you onboard. 

According to certain state regulations, teen drivers have to drive with passengers over the age of 21. Also, you can limit the number of passengers under 21 in some states.  


It’s important to remember that you cannot use electronic devices while driving in some states if you have a junior license. 

Additionally, regardless of whether you have a full or provisional license, texting or holding your phone while driving is illegal in most states. 

Therefore, it’s always best to focus on the road and keep both hands on the steering. It ensures your safety and the safety of others. 

Tips To Keep Your Teens Safe While Driving

Given below are some of the most important tips that every parent and teenager must know to ensure safety when driving—

1. Maintain Calm

Newbies on the road often feel confused and anxious when driving for the first time. However, the most important thing about driving is always keeping your calm.

Be it a problematic traffic situation or skipping a stop sign, you can escape any situation safely if you stay calm.

Moreover, you must always remember that roads can often become overwhelming. For instance, when you’re waiting in a long traffic queue, or someone overtakes your car without following rules. 

You must stay calm and let an adult deal with the situation while you keep your eyes on the road and stay alert.

2. Do Not Trust Other Drivers

Once you’re on the road, there’s no scope for you to wait for other drivers to cooperate. You are alone and must follow every traffic rule to stay safe.

Your safety depends on you alone. Furthermore, if someone else drives unsafely around you, you must stay alert and do the right thing.

You can also report rash drivers to the civil authorities. At the end of the day, growing up to be a law-abiding citizen only helps you stay safe.

3. No Driving Under Influence

According to the CDC reports, almost 20% of the accidents faced by teen drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 resulted from driving when under the influence of alcohol or addictive substances.

Furthermore, if you cause damage to public/private property or lives, you’ll be charged for underage drinking along with DUI.

Therefore, you must maintain these rules and stay safe out on the road.

Save The Youth From Accidents

Now that you know the common traffic laws for teenage drivers, it is your duty to help the youth stay safe on the roads.

As adult drivers, you must give them the space to learn and enable trust. This will help our upcoming generation feel independent and confident when they enter the world.

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