How to Keep Your Roses Looking Fresh for Longer

The most popular cut flower in America is the rose, and for good reason. Roses are both delicate and hardy, hard and soft, and can represent feelings from love to gratitude. Roses are always a wonderful gift and can add life and vivacity to any occasion. However, roses can also be a bit of an investment, so you want to be sure to care for them properly so that you get the most out of these beautiful flowers.

Here are a few tips for caring for your roses to help them last as long as possible.

1. Use the Floral Preservatives Packet

It can be easy to quickly discard the small pack of flower preservatives that often falls to the bottom of a bouquet, but you shouldn’t. Even though it may seem like a small thing, this packet is a complex concoction that has been specifically designed to help your flowers bloom and last. 

Cut flowers usually come with a pack or two, but if you want to have some on hand for your next bouquet of roses, you can often pick some up for free at the florist’s or in the floral department of local supermarkets.

2. Remove Leaves below the Waterline

It is very important that you take off any leaves that fall under the waterline of your roses when placing them in a vase. Although the leaves on rose stems are often well placed and add to its charm, it is vital that these lower leaves are removed once you place the bouquet in water.
If the flowers are left intact, they will deteriorate quickly and can even begin to rot, leaving you with less attractive, unhealthy, or even putrid-smelling flowers. This is true for all stems, so if there happens to be other flowers accompanying your roses, be sure to trim those as well.

3. Correct Cutting

It may seem like a small thing, but getting the right cut on your roses is important. Roses prefer to be cut at a 45-degree angle. This is especially true when cutting fresh roses but also applies to trimming pre-cut stems. 
You also want to be sure to use very sharp scissors, preferably garden shears, as dull blades can squish and damage the rose stems, making it hard for them to get water.

4. Use the Right Temperature of Water

Different types of flowers thrive with different temperatures of water. Roses prefer lukewarm water so as to not be shocked by water that is either too cold or too hot. If you are cutting your own roses, you can put them in cool water right after a cut, but make sure to switch to lukewarm for your vase.

Also, be sure to change your water daily so as to keep it fresh. If possible, add fresh flower food each time as well.

5. Store your Roses in a Cool Place

When you aren’t actively enjoying your beautiful roses, consider storing them in a refrigerator, much like they would at a florist shop. The ideal temperature for storing roses is 33 – 35 degrees Fahrenheit. This will add days to the life of your roses. Pull the flowers out while you are home and enjoying them, but then put them away while you are gone.

6. Try adding some Soda

There are many at-home tips and tricks to extend the life of your flowers, but believe it or not, one of the best ingredients to add to the mix is soda. Coming in right behind refrigeration in terms of floral preservation, soda can greatly extend the life of your flowers. Clear sodas like Sprite are best and should be diluted with water and refreshed daily.

Use these simple tricks to make your flowers last. The small amount of effort to get these elements right will pay off big time with your long-lasting blooms.

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