How To Save Money On Car Rental While Traveling

How To Save Money On Car Rental While Traveling

More and more people prefer to refuse package tours and travel on their own – it’s understandable, it’s nice to feel that you are your own boss, that you can go where you want and when you want.Another thing is that for complete independence of movement, transport is needed, and public transport is not always convenient, and daily taxi rides can hit the budget hard. If you drive a car, then the most comfortable option for exploring the country is to rent a car on vacation. In this article, we will tell you 10 secrets on how to save money on car rental without compromising the quality of your vacation.

10 Tips To Save Money On Car Rentals While Traveling

1. Book a car in advance 

Most rental companies encourage tourists to book a car as early as possible. Firstly, it helps to plan the occupancy of their fleet, and secondly, if an advance payment is made, it helps rental companies to get much-needed working capital to run their business. You, as a tenant, can use these moments and save money. Look for a car at least 2 months before the trip. During this period, as practice has shown, the cost of a car is minimal, and the choice is maximum. Early booking will help you to rent a more expensive car in the country you are going to, for example a Porsche UAE for the same price as a much more economical car, making a deal on the spot.

2. Choose the right size car 

If you are traveling alone or in the company of 2-3 people, you do not need to rent a large car that consumes a lot of fuel and is expensive. It is better to give preference to more compact vehicles.

3. Pay attention to discounts and promotional offers 

Before choosing a contractor, look at the prices of several companies and their special offers. Also, do not forget to study customer reviews so as not to accidentally get into an unpleasant situation by choosing an unscrupulous contractor.

4. Do not order delivery to the airport 

Of course, it is very convenient if, upon arrival, a car will be waiting for you at the airport. But there is one caveat, such a service raises the cost of rental. It is more convenient and cheaper to order a transfer to the hotel, after which you will go for a rented transport. Moreover, many companies provide the service of delivering the client to the office. It should be noted that there are companies that have a car park at the airport, for example In this case, the cost of a rental car at the airport will not differ from the cost of a rental car in the city and you can safely rent a car at the airport.

5. Full tank is the priority

The most profitable option is to rent a car with a full tank of fuel. In this situation, you will have to return the amount of fuel with which the car was taken. Otherwise, you will have to pay for refueling.

6. Don’t waste your money on additional services

During the conclusion of the contract, employees offer additional services such as a router or navigator. It will be much cheaper to download a GPS navigator to your phone and use it on the road.

7. It is better to use a credit card for payment rather than a debit card

Most rental companies block a certain amount of money on the client’s account in case of a fine. Debit accounts usually hold more funds than credit accounts. And they return on debit cards for about a month.

8. Find out in detail the nuances and components of insurance

Before concluding a contract, find out details such as the amount of the deductible, coverage, what cases are considered insurance and vice versa. Some companies do not include damage to mirrors and glass in their insurance. Therefore, it is so important to choose a conscientious car rental contractor.

9. One driver is good, but two are better

To prevent fatigue and turn your vacation into a tiring race, at the time of signing the agreement, write one or more potential drivers into the contract. This service is paid extra, but it’s worth it.

10. Vary the lease term

Many companies provide discounts for long-term rentals, and the cost of a week of rental can be significantly lower than six days. True, it is not always easy to deceive large market players, check whether the contract provides for penalties for early return, because if so, the costs can cover the savings.

Hope our tips will help you save on car rental while traveling and fill your vacation with only pleasant memories.

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