The Importance of Having a Reliable Pet Sitter on Speed Dial

There is no question that our pets are certainly a part of the family, and unfortunately, they need to stay home while we are shopping, working, or out of the house for the day. There are going to come circumstances when we cannot get to our pets as quickly as we would like, and that brings up the importance of having a reliable pet sitter on speed dial.

Here are a few instances where having a trusted pet sitting on standby can help ease our minds and care for our loved ones.

Taking Care of Your Pets Daily Needs

Your pet has the same needs to be eating and going to the bathroom like all of us. Unfortunately, when we are called off to work unexpectedly, dealing with a sick relative, or stuck on the highway with a broken-down vehicle, the pet is sitting at home unable to care for themselves. By being able to reach the pet sitter in a moment’s notice, they can make their way to the house and feed your pet and get them outside to take care of business.

Things can happen unexpectedly, and being able to connect with your pet sitter gives you piece of mind and helps meet your pet’s needs.

Comforting a Pet with Separation Anxiety

There are some pets who simply cannot handle being away from their owners for minutes, let alone an entire day. Separation anxiety in dogs is a real thing, and many of these pets will begin to lash out and destroy the contents of the home or go to the bathroom everyone in an attempt to get attention. Having a pet sitter on speed dial means you can quickly get someone in the house if you are called away so that the pet does not begin freaking out.

The pet sitter only needs to spend time with the animal to calm them down in most cases.

Treating a Pet Who is Dealing With Sickness

Dealing with a sick pet is challenging because we just don’t know what is really wrong, so we smother them with attention while we are home. It can be stressful on everyone when we are called away from the house and we have to leave a sick pet at home alone. The pet sitter can be called with detailed instructions and arrive at the house to feed, walk, or provide medication to your pet.

It can be of great relief knowing that while we have to be away from the house and our pet, that someone who loves our animals is there taking care of them until we return.

The Importance of Daily Exercise

If your pet had it their way, they would lie in their bed from the time you left for work until the time you returned. Then they sleep all night too, getting little in the way of exercise during the day. Rather than allowing your pet to just waste away on the couch for 16 hours a day, the pet sitter can stop by at scheduled times and get your pet up and moving.

Sometimes all it takes is throwing around a toy or stretching in the yard to keep your pet in top shape.

Trouble Getting Back Home on Time

One of the things your pet has developed is a pattern in knowing when you’ll be coming home. There is no telling if today is the day you will be asked to work overtime or you walk outside to see your car has a flat tire and AAA will be a few hours before they can come to fix the concern. Having your pet sitter on speed dial means that they can rush to the house and feed or walk your pet while you are stuck.

In instances where you may be in a hospital with a family member overnight or your asked to work a double shift, having your pet sitter a call away can alleviate the stress of worrying about your pet being home alone.

The importance of having a reliable pet sitter on speed dial cannot be understated. Besides having piece of mind knowing our furry friend is in good hands, your pet is getting all the attention they need until everyone is reunited.

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