Top Five Essential Accessories To Elevate Your Personal Style: Men’s Fashion Edition

Men’s Fashion Edition

Women’s fashion can be bold, timeless, trendy, romantic, grunge – the list truly just goes on and on. Men’s fashion, in comparison, typically falls to the wayside. What this means is that many men find they struggle to buy items and style them in a way that feels true to themselves and looks great. There’s more to style than just what clothes you put on. You need to be intentional with what you wear and even how you accessorize it. Accessories alone can do wonders to elevate your existing wardrobe by pulling your garments together or adding a touch of something new to the mix. That touch of something new could be luxury, it could be fun, or it could be sporty. 

Accessorizing can be daunting for men who have never intentionally accessorized an outfit, which is where this guide comes into play. Use these top five accessories to help you pull together your looks and, as a result, elevate your personal style: 

1. A Luxury Watch 

Some of the best big-budget accessories you can invest in by far are men luxury watches. A luxury watch is one of those status symbols that looks great to anyone. To the uninitiated, it’s a stunning piece of technology. For those in the know, it can really help you make a statement about yourself without saying anything about yourself. 

2. A Range of Belts 

Belts are not only an essential tool for your outfit, but they are also taking up prime real estate in terms of your outfit. A belt, after all, sits pretty much in the center of you, which means it’s one of the accessories that will be seen the most. To accommodate this, try to get a variety of colors and styles. For the best results, try to match belts to your existing shoes. 

3. Essentials Shoes to Tie Your Look Together

You need a range of different shoes to suit the colors of your outfit (and also your other accessories). A few staples to get started with include white sneakers, black dress shoes, and brown shoes. These three, of course, are just the beginning. You’ll want to expand your collection to include different styles, types, and colors so that you can always match your shoes like a pro. 

4. Picking out the Perfect Coat 

You will want a few staple coats and jackets to finish off each outfit. While a jacket is absolutely a garment, it can be considered more of an accessory. A few staple options include a leather jacket, a pea coat, and a trench coat. The size, color, and exact shape are all up to you. 

5. Neckwear to Elevate Your Personal Style

Neckwear is another great accessory to elevate your personal style. The classic options for men are, of course, going to include a tie. The good news is that scarves and even necklaces can help elevate your neckwear and work to draw the eye up toward your face. Don’t shy away from adding detail to your outfit with neckwear. 

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