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7 Tips on How to Use Social Media and Be Productive

How does is feel when you have a tiny omnipotent device in your hands that can give you practically unlimited access to information? And with all of that, it’s quite possible to get lost with the overwhelming amount of it. Indeed, a lot of modern people are connected to their devices and they don’t have enough time as they spend too much hanging around on Facebook or whatever. Learn how to still do everything you should and use your phone in a smarter way.

Being Productive Using Social Media

  1. Track your time.
    This is one of the simplest things you can do and it will work for the most people. There are apps that allow you to do it and after some time you’ll be shocked by a number of hours you spend on your device.
  2. Choose just a couple apps you’re using.
    There are plenty of different social media you have, so run a small experiment and leave just 2 of those. You can do Facebook and Instagram and block the other ones so you don’t open those.
  3. Don’t sit and scroll.
    This is the main issue, you want to talk to your friend, they take the time to respond and now you’re watching the 10-minute video with cats. Eliminate that purposeless scrolling and do more of what is important.
  4. Find people that inspire you.
    If you’re using Instagram, you could try and subscribe to those people who live and active life and there is a chance you’ll start doing something too.
  5. Try media management tools.
    Those will help you organize a lot of things, track your time and some updates and also allow you to post to your feed. This is quite convenient and fast.
  6. Organize your news feed.
    If you spend a lot of time reading the news, you should get a feed app for that to save a lot of time. There are many apps for everyone, so you can choose something for yourself.
  7. Think if you need it.
    Each time ask yourself this simple question – do I really need it? Do you need to go and actually post some memes or spend an hour watching videos? Think profit you get and the loss you have.

There are many ways to optimize the amount of time you’re spending on the networks and use that to do a lot of cool and interesting things. Be productive, go outside and actually live the life you’ve always wanted. Who knows, maybe after some time you’ll be the one whose Instagram profile people will subscribe to feel motivated?

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