React Native Developer Career: Hourly Rates, Tips On Job Search, And Professional Development

React Native Developer Career

In case you have ever planned to become a React Native engineer or learn how to hire one to work with you, you need to research the average React Native app developer salary. Not offering a competitive rate could mean that you’ll have an extremely hard time finding employees. If you are an employee, not knowing the average salary for a React Native developer could mean you’ll get stuck in a job that doesn’t pay you what you’re worth. 

Let’s take a look at the average React Native developer hourly rate and salary so you don’t stay in the dark. 

Understanding The Average React Native App Developer Salary

React Native is a popular cross-platform framework that enables developers to use JavaScript to create native mobile apps. React has become very popular in recent years and has a quantity of advantages over other cross-platform frameworks. For example, React Native apps are faster and more performant than apps built with other frameworks, and they can be used to build native-looking apps for both iOS and Android.

Because it’s so popular, there is a high demand for React Native developers. According to Indeed, the salary of React Native developer engineers in the United States is $110,000 per year. It can vary depending on experience, though: 

Junior React Native Engineer

A junior React Native engineer is someone who has just one or two years of experience with the framework. They may have a basic understanding of JavaScript and React, but they may need some guidance from more experienced engineers. A junior React Native engineer’s salary is around $75,000 per year.

Mid-level React Native Engineer

A mid-level React Native engineer has two to five years of experience with the framework. They are proficient in JavaScript and React, and they can work independently on projects. The average React Native salary for this level is around $100,000 per year.

Senior React Native Engineer

A senior React Native engineer has more than five years of experience with the framework. They are experts in JavaScript and React, and they can mentor and train junior engineers. The average salary for a senior React Native engineer in the United States is $125,000 per year.

Experience isn’t the only factor to consider, however. Your location can have a big impact too. In general, big cities and in-office positions will offer higher salaries than remote work as it’s considered a big perk. Some countries will offer far lower rates than the US. Developers in locations like India, Vietnam, or Eastern Europe earn much less; however, they can access better rates by offering their services to Western European or US companies. 

Increasing Your Odds Of Finding A Job

If you want to become a React Native developer, you need to stand out in a competitive space. You must study or at least have a solid understanding of JavaScript because React Native is built on JavaScript, so you will need to be proficient in this field of knowledge in order to be successful.

Get really familiar with the concepts and tools. There are many great resources that you can tap into to help you learn React Native, including official documentation, tutorials, and online courses.

But the best way to really learn React Native and grow your understanding is by building real-world apps. This will help you bolster your understanding of the framework and give you something to show potential employers.

Finally, network with other React Native developers. Attend meetups, connect with people on LinkedIn, and reach out to developers you admire. Networking is a good way to get your foot in the door and access jobs. 

Once you start job-hunting, make sure your resume and portfolio are up-to-date. 

Your resume should emphasize your skills and experience, and your portfolio should showcase your work.

You can develop even further professionally by following the official React blog, Twitter, and Github pages. It’s also a great idea to contribute to open-source projects to gain experience and build your portfolio. The more in-depth experience you have in the field, the better your earning potential will be. 


The React Native app developer salary is around $110,000 on average, although that can vary. Make sure you do your research so that you can earn your money’s worth! 

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