The Advantages of Screened-In Porches

It is common for people to enjoy the decks and patios at their home. This is only possible when the weather is warm and clear. Unfortunately, many people would like to enjoy them all year. This can happen with homeowners who have a screened-in porch. If someone does not have an existing porch, a screened porch can be added to their home. There are many advantages to this type of living space in a home.

Extends Living Space

Some people have open front porches as well as decks and patios they don’t use. During the summer months, they find it too hot or it doesn’t provide enough privacy and more. It’s common for homeowners to want a space that enables them to enjoy the outside. One that can then be changed in fall, so they can enjoy the same space during colder months. It is something that can happen when there is a screened-in porch in a home. The maintenance of it is minimal and the weather won’t keep this indoor space from being used.

Adds Privacy

It is true the mesh used with a screened-in porch in see-through. It will still create a decent privacy barrier. The screen is a good barrier from a homeowner and their neighbors. It is popular with individuals who have a street-facing porch. The screen mesh will provide a barrier that can protect them from being watched by anyone passing by who is curious. If someone wants to discover what is going on inside a screened-in porch, it will them to do some intense staring.

Entertain Guests

When a home has a screened-in porch, it will have an additional functional living space. This is a place to invite friends and family for social gatherings. A screened-in porch makes it possible for a homeowner and their guests to enjoy fresh air without leaving the home. It is possible to have a cookout, not have to worry about dealing with bugs and more.

Adds Value To A Home

It has been established that having a screened-in porch will add value to a house. When they are properly installed, they can significantly add to a home’s curb appeal. A screened-in porch is a feature that renters or prospective buyers will find appealing. It is not something that’s common. A screened-in porch is a feature that could mean the difference between the purchase or a pass from prospective renters or buyers.

No Pest Worries

Trying to enjoy time outdoors while being bothered by insects is not a pleasant experience. Eliminating insects when napping, reading or eating is a common goal. A screened-in porch will enable someone to enjoy things including the smell of grass that has been freshly cut and more without dealing with insects. A screened-in porch also keeps away larger wildlife including raccoons, squirrels and more.


A screened-in porch is not like the rest of the rooms in a home. It is a place where people can be creative with their design. There are no rules when it comes to having a screened-in porch. It can be made into any style or theme a homeowner desires. It is a place that can be made comfortable and interesting with inexpensive furnishings. A screened-in porch is a great place to experiment with décor.

Use Any Time Of The year

There are a few additions a homeowner can make so their screened-in porch is a living space that can be enjoyed during all four seasons. Most patios and decks are cleaned and start being unused starting in October and aren’t used again until April. Furniture and other furnishings in a screened-in porch are protected from rain and snow. This means the furniture doesn’t have to be stored inside during the cold months. Some people have added a wood stove to create a place that is warm and comfortable in the winter. Some homeowners have installed a ceiling fan to make their screened-in porch cooler in the summer and more.

There are many advantages to having a screened-in porch. This is something that can be installed in a home that does or does not have a porch. There are many ways a homeowner can make their screened-in porch fit in with their other living spaces.

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