The Dangers Of The Rideshare Model: How To Stay Safe While Traveling 

The Dangers Of The Rideshare Model

Rideshares are incredibly popular. Especially if you’re traveling, you might be relying on rideshares to get around and enjoy your destination to the fullest. However, many dangers are presented by the rideshare model that many people fail to realize. Knowing what these dangers are, and how to avoid them, is critical. Additionally, having solid tips that teach you how to stay safe while traveling will keep you at ease while you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Top 4 Risks Of The Rideshare Model:

1. Traffic Accidents

Accidents are by far the riskiest aspect of using rideshares and hence that is the reason rideshare accident attorneys are much sought after. While rideshare drivers are certainly more likely to be fairly solid drivers, the sheer amount of time they’re on the road puts them at risk of being caught in a sleepy, distracted state. The fact that other drivers they’re dealing with on the road are unlikely to be as aware as they are makes the matter that much worse. Bus rides aren’t that safe either since there are over 60,000 bus crashes every year.

2. Theft

Not everyone who is driving an Uber is a good person. Some take advantage of the app to steal from unsuspecting victims. If you leave something in an Uber by accident, you also have to rely on the Uber driver to be honest about it. There have been many documented instances of Uber drivers making extra cash by selling phones and other expensive personal items that are left in their vehicles. If you want to avoid this fate, it can be useful to continue using a specific Uber driver that you trust whenever possible. 

3. Sexual Assault 

In extreme cases, there have been predators using Uber to lure assault and sexual assault victims to secluded areas, so that they can harm them. While this is extremely rare, it’s important to be aware of the possibility. If you find that a driver is acting sketchy, remember that you can cancel a ride at any time. If you suspect a driver may be preparing to become violent, you should contact authorities, and the Uber emergency customer service line immediately. Doing so may help you de-escalate the situation. 

4. Harassment 

Some people find that their Uber driver saves their personal information post-ride. This information can be used to stalk, harass, and more. To ensure you are safe, make sure you never give out any extra-personal information to your driver, especially if they seem to be dangerous. If you find yourself being harassed by a driver, you should once again contact the authorities, and Uber emergency customer service help immediately. Doing so will keep you safe, and help you protect any future would-be victims that the driver would otherwise go on to harass. 

3 Safety Tips for Traveling:

1. Stay in Touch 

When traveling, nothing is as dangerous as failing to let someone close to you know where you’re going, what you’re planning to do, and when you plan on being back to your lodging each night. This information can help keep you protected in an instance where you suddenly disappear, and if a potentially dangerous person knows that you’re sharing your itinerary with loved ones, they are less likely to target you. 

2. Avoid Reckless Behavior 

If you get too intoxicated or begin acting in a highly reckless nature while traveling, people will begin to take notice. If you’re traveling alone, being safe about how reckless you’re getting is especially crucial. Would-be harm-doers will often seek out people who are intoxicated or in a reckless state, so avoid making yourself an easy target by keeping yourself in a reasonable state of self-control. With a less reckless trip, you can enjoy a great book or another moment of productive relaxation while you’re out and about. 

3. Purchase Travel Insurance 

Unfortunately, there are always going to be times when your trip goes wrong. When this includes theft, missed flights, or other expensive pitfalls, having solid travel insurance can keep you protected. After all, if you can continue with your vacation after one of these incidents occurs, you’ll want to do just that. With travel insurance, you’ll be much more likely to finish out your vacation on a fairly normal footing. 

Here’s To A Safe, Memorable Trip! 

With these tips, you can stay as safe as humanly possible when you find yourself out in the world. When you find yourself needing to use a rideshare service, follow our advice to ensure that you avoid dangerous or financially damaging situations. The good news is that the vast majority of travelers and ride-sharers find themselves completely safe, but being prepared is always the best defense! 

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