The Good (and the Bad) with Modern Surveillance Systems

Technology is a double-sided sword. With the innovation and upgrade of surveillance systems, there are plenty of benefits involved. However, these systems can also cause numerous problems. A significant number of people benefit from the surveillance system. But, another group has invested to consistently continue to abuse the amazing technology making the lives of others dreadful.

The surveillance system, which entails CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras, is one of the most incredible wonders of modern technology. The system is utilized at home and in various businesses. In a short span, the tech has gained immense popularity as an efficient business or home security measure. Despite the greatness of the system, it also has a few setbacks.

But, the merits outweigh the disadvantages making this revolutionary innovation to be popular. It’s the people’s most ideal solution to keep loved ones and property safe from burglars.


Heightened monitoring

The primary purpose of a surveillance system is to give the ability to monitor everything that transpires in an area. With the aid of a button, a user can effortlessly rewind the tape for a thorough investigation. Apart from reducing crime, the system can also assist you to monitor a home or business.

In offices, surveillance cameras can boost productivity. You’ll be able to monitor your workers and have first-hand records as well as their habits. The system can also help you monitor their punctuality. With the evidence of a video, you can have substantial ideas of why specific workers are habitually late.

At home, the system can assist locate lost or misplaced items. Instead of summarizing that the items were stolen, you can check the system to prove the case. With such a fantastic system in the house, you can easily trace back your steps. You won’t require looking for your misplaced car keys and wallet.

Maintain records

In case something captivating transpired in your backyard, you will not be left behind. You’ll have the records at hand. Whether it’s a crime or anything worth remembrance i.e., the face of your neighbor, the system can do you a favor. A surveillance system systematically organizes collected data; you won’t bother going through so many files.

Reduce crime

In various developed nations, the surveillance system has reduced crime by 50%. Many cases have been closed because of sufficient evidence recorded by security cameras. Before technology was invented, the justice department spent a lot of time trying to crack cases.

Installation of the cameras in public areas can curb crime extensively. The cameras can also be used for private purposes i.e., in offices and homes.

Well, everything good must also have a few disadvantages. What are the cons associated with modern surveillance systems?


Can breach privacy

Numerous people have extended their discomfort with the system. The surveillance monitors the whereabouts of people 24/7, especially those working in large firms. This can make the workers feel anxious, failing to deliver freely. Employees need to feel free when working.

Surveillance cameras raise issues of privacy and trust, particularly in private spaces. The same happens in public spaces and within residences. It can cause havoc and be offensive to the people being monitored.


Even the most expensive CCTC cameras are not safe. Just like any other piece of technology, there are several vulnerabilities in a surveillance system. This can be a significant deterrent to anyone intending to invest in the system. Burglars with tech know-how can easily disable the system and proceed with their mission.

However, there are several steps you can take to ensure no one tampers with the system. Acquiring the system from a reputable manufacturer and ensuring that the entire system is intact can offer you the value of your investment.

Failure to curb crime

As the surveillance system has shown its ability to stop crime and increase the chances of wrong-doers being arrested, it’s still just a camera. CCTV cameras can only record the incidence but can’t assist stop the action instantly. A camera is unable to respond as alarms do.

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