Who We Are

We are The Conversation Prism – a team of enthusiastic writers and editors who want to update people with the news about social media. Social networks the most popular sites on the Internet nowadays, and everything can be done through it: chatting, sharing, promoting, protesting, investigating, etc.

A person’s account can tell a whole lot about him or her, as many people are quite open about them online. They want to introduce themselves to the world, but should they do it? Can it be dangerous? We can tell you that in one of our articles if you follow the updates on our website.

Our Teams

We have two teams that are in charge of writing and editing. Whoever completes the work on an article posts in on the website, so everyone is trained to do it. All members of the teams are professional and experienced, as they wrote dozens of articles before coming to us. They all have a mission – to make our readers the first ones to know about what’s happening with their SNS accounts in the closest future.

Our experience on social media gives us authority to review, evaluate, and explain, and we use it to fulfill our mission. There are many things people usually don’t know or don’t realize, and we are here to explain all that to them.

We have been active on the most popular social networking sites since the year of their creature, so we know quite a lot about these websites. They have evolved and continue to do so, and even though the latest updates are met with dissatisfaction by the users, they are improving the work of the websites.

Things to Expect

You can expect unbiased, totally objective overview of all the SNS that are used by most people nowadays. If you have a topic to be covered, send it to us, and we will work on it and highlight it for you in one of our articles. Also, if you have any questions about the content we post or the SNS we highlight, please, write or call us during our office hours. If you need to write us not during the working day, please, send us an email. We will answer it as soon as we get to work the next day!